The Tale of a Pawn


Life is like a game of chess,
We’re all born with a different fate,
Some born a mighty knight
While some-
 merely pawns.

But don’t you worry little pawn,
Keep steady & move on.
For only you can rise up,
From a life of squalor and impoverishment,
To a position of power and prestige,
Of a ruler;
Your own knight in shining armour.

The enemies have tricks up their sleeves,
And your own try to sacrifice you,
Without realizing your worth,
Dismissing you as a piece of coal
Some trying to cut you into a diamond
But you were never meant to be a gem,
Caged in a ring or a crown,
You’re a star meant to shine
A celestial embodiment of raw power,
Meant to soar 
In the azure sky.

You can choose the easy path,
To stop trying, 
To accept your fate,
But only if you keep persevering,
Keep gritting your teeth through the pain
Putting one foot in front of the other
You will rewrite your  fate,
And rise anew,
Like a phoenix from the ashes,
With a crown on your head,
A resilient queen.

But the rules here are slightly different dear;
The game doesn’t end when the king falls
And it isn’t black and white either,
There are greys and there are reds,
Games of illusion and heartbreaks,
Of struggles, pain and misery,
But the queen stands,
The queen rules.

A poetry collab with justanothergirl
Her poems blew my mind. The way she writes is super duper cool. Writing with her was amazing. There were no awkward pauses or trying too hard. It was therapeutic.

Featured image by: Pixabay