Hating the Ex

Poetry, Writer life

My ex is a snake,
He was so damn fake.
The worst of all creatures,
A curse of mother nature.

My ex has a heart so black,
Emotions he totally lacks,
Bloody sex maniac,
Stupid nut-head crack! 

A pervy man with no respect,
My mental health, he wrecked!
Gold digger with no ambition,
Father of all devastation. 

I hate him so damn much!
Makes me wanna puke my lunch.
I’m so glad is gone.
Why was he even born? 

How many times have you heard these words?
Or uttered them yourself? 
Does one break up change it all?
All the promises of forever

Don’t you feel any remorse?
Spreading those vile words.
Why are you trying to malign him?
Just let him go in peace

For the sake of your own sanity,
And your broken relation’s dignity,
Let him start a new life,
And you move on too! 

Featured image by: Vitabello from Pixabay