Why you should visit WILD SCARED CRAZY — H. R Phoenix

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H. R Phoenix made this really sweet advertisement for Wild Scared Crazy. She’s just so awesome and I’m a big fan for her way with words. Do check her blog, I’m sure you’ll love it.

Also, she’s a published author so do buy her book.

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A place of endless discovery. A place where you can read. Learn. And love. This site is a real bordem buster, packed with amazing posts, overflowing with beautiful poetry and entertainment. With something to read for everyone, it is a must visit blog, brimming with friendship. Visit: https://wildscaredcrazy.com/ The author of this blog is one […]

Why you should visit WILD SCARED CRAZY —

Ode To Ann M. Martin

Poetry, Writer life

Words wouldn’t have been my friends,
If not for the stories you weaved.
Your books were my escapade,
And Baby-Sitters’ Club, my home.

When reality seemed so harsh,
And I had no one to turn to,
I had Kristy, Mary Anne & Claudia,
Standing by me through everything.

I’ve lived in your books,
More than in the real world.
You’re my role model.
You’re the reason I write.

For NaPoWriMo Day 14.


Poetry, Writer life

You’re the best thing I’ve ever had
You, my dear, turn me mad.
Society, family, must-dos, and must-bes,
I fought will all for this addiction.

 You make me come alive,
You make me see the light.

Everyone says you’re taking me down,
But you’re a catholicon to all my problems.
Yet they say, you’re poison,
Taking me further from my ambition.
But I’ve made you my ambition,
You’re my goal, my love, my passion.
Go on, judge me, give me the verdict
I proudly admit I’m an addict!

This addiction has saved me a million times
When I was on brink of taking my life.
Taken me to worlds not all can think of
Met creatures, one can only imagine.
No, I’m not addicted to drugs
It’s books that take me to a different world!