Awesome Blogger Award


Four awesome bloggers nominated me for Awesome Blogger Award. So, I guess I must be pretty awesome. Haha. Jk, jokes apart, thank you so much for nominating me. You have been such an amazing support system in my blogging journey.

Tanya: Tanya’s blog buddingspark is one of the happiest blogs in WordPress. She blogs about her instant weird thoughts and motivations. Also, her pencil sketches are super cool. She’s simply wow!

Haroon: Haroon is a super sweet person and a really awesome person. My very first blogging friend. Check out his blog, it’s full of superb poetry and amazing flowers!

Rishabh: Rishabh is one of my closest friends is WordPress. One of the most reliable person I’ve met. He’s simply aweeeesooomee. Visit his blog, it’s super awesome too!

Sidharth: He’s a super amazing person. Amidst the many of us running after stats, he’s one beautiful soul who connects to each of his reader on a personal level. And of course, he writes super well. Check out his blog!

So, rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Tag the post with #awesomebloggeraward.
  3. Answer their questions.
  4. Nominate upto 5 bloggers and ask them 10 new questions.
  5. Inform them of their nomination.

Tanya’s questions:

  1. What is your favourite actor, actress and movie? My ex boyfriend, My ex best-friend and Life! (Before you ask, they didn’t run away together)
  2. What is your dream for future? I’m always dreaming about a lot of things…
  3. Which type of serial and movies you like? Any type!
  4. Is co education is right or wrong? Right.
  5. Which is best relationship relatives or friends? I really don’t trust the species called homo sapiens.
  6. What is the main purpose of your blog? Happiness.
  7. Who is your favourite writer which inspired you for blog writing? Amrutha Pagad. (In case you’re wondering who’s she, she’s my friend.)
  8. Which is preferred Boy or Girl/ friendship relationship or friend ship? FRIENDSHIP!
  9. What is your favourite event in your life? Life itself is an event.

Haroon’s questions:

  1. Favorite place to visit? Entire universe.
  2. Describe life in three words? It is uncertain.
  3. Describe love in three words? Is uncertain too!
  4. What advice would you give your teenage self? Nothing!
  5. If someone is showing ego then what will you do? Depends.
  6. Few words for art? Few words are too less…
  7. You happen to find a hundred bucks in your jeans after you’ve washed it. What would you spend it on? Idk, nothing!
  8. Favourite quote? Be the star you’re meant to be, not a gem on somebody’s ring.
  9. Favourite flower? Also tell the characteristics? All.
  10. Favorite color? Also tell the characteristics? Green cause nature.

Rishabh’s questions:

  1. What were the challenges before you started blogging? Nothing. 😀
  2. What kind of motive your blog has now? Idk, it just makes me happy.
  3. Any tips for us, your fellow bloggers? Enjoy it!
  4. What’s something that you want to learn? A lot of things!
  5. What kind of books or blogs you read? Anything and everything!
  6. Any mistake that you remember from your past? Let’s not go down that lane. Enjoy life now!
  7. How does it feel when you get likes or comments from bloggers? I feel, wow! Wow! Wowww! Woooahhhow!
  8. If you had a chance to do something that doesn’t bound you at all, what would you like to do? Write.
  9. Some of your favorite persons from your real or virtual life. I don’t want to list it down, but you’re on the list, Rishabh
  10. Any memorable event in your life. Yeahh, but let’s not go to the past!

Sidharth’s questions:

  1. A memory that is closest to your heart & what did it make you feel like in that moment? I don’t really have a memory I can choose. I guess its the feeling of being safe and loved that’s common in all the memories I hold close to my heart.
  2. What is your definition of happiness? That lighthearted feeling.
  3. Tell 5 words that best describe you. Wild, Scared, Crazy (I guess 3 shall suffice!)
  4. Tell me about a funny incident from your life that to this day makes you laugh & smile? Idk. I’m not really a remember incidents and memory person. I remember the time by the emotions I feel.
  5. What’s your secret talent/skill that other people might not be aware of? If I tell you, that wouldn’t be a secret.
  6. What’s your all favorite dish? Pizza and Pasta <3
  7. What is your dream in life, what is it that you truly aspire? To be happy!
  8. What would be your advice to new/ fellow bloggers? Don’t blog if you’re just doing it for the stats. Do it if you love it.
  9. What are your future posts going to be about or what would be the themes/ genres of your upcoming posts? Poetry!
  10. An honest piece of advice/ suggestion that you’d like to share with me, which would help me learn & grow as a blogger? Don’t ever stop and believe that you’re awesome!

I nominate, YOU. And the questions are any 10 from above.

Loads of love to you. Happy blogging!