Deflecting Appreciation

Poetry, Writer life

I told her she’s amazing,
She told me she’s not,
I told it to her again,
“Not as amazing as you,” she replied.

And I wondered,
Why does she not
Accept she truly really is
Such an amazing person?

“When it comes to writing about love,
You’re the king,”
That’s what I told him.
“You’re way better,” he replied.

And I wondered,
Why does he not
Accept the title
He truly deserves?

But then I realized,
Many a times, I do the same.
Deflecting appreciation,
Shying away from praise.

You see, we grew up that way.
Where calling ourselves amazing,
Is seen as being too proud,
And deflecting it, is the norm.

And many of us, along the way,
Deflecting all the appreciation,
We’ve truly forgotten,
How amazing we really are.

So, please, do yourself a favor,
Embrace all the appreciations,
With head held high and bright smile.
Cause dear, you truly deserve them.

Inspired by: Anushka, Srijan and Bharath

Featured image by: Pragyan Bezbaruah from Pexels