Mad Love


“I’m done,” I say,
Over and over again.
I try making a clean-cut,
But… There’s always a but.

My friends give me a hundred reasons,
Counting all your treasons.
And if, they knew it all,
They’d kidnap me by nightfall.

I have a list longer than theirs,
Laced with insecurities and fears,
Each one telling me to run away,
But my heart is here to stay.

A life with you is torture,
Some days it’s utter horror.
Yet a life without you,
Seems so cold and blue.

I’m stronger than that, I keep saying.
Yet, it’s you I’m always defending.
And when I thinking of leaving,
I feel like I’m almost dying.

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Featured imaged by: Engin Akyurt from Pexels

The Pedophiles


Eww, ugh, disgusting,
Damn! They are monsters.
That’s what I’ve been saying,
For as long as I remember.

Well, who wouldn’t?
They make my blood curl.
They have sexual fantasies,
About tiny little babies.

But a teeny bit of research,
Put me in state of shock.
It’s a mental disorder,
They are sick for real.

Damn you, pedophiles!
As disgusting as you are,
I could never imagine,
You are the victims.

Of a mental disorder so vile,
Your judgement, it spoils,
Your humanity, it kills,
Your dignity, it strips.

The world is judging,
And I’m no different.
So, forget us all,
Visit a psychiatrist.

Featured image by Donald Tong from Pexels

Uncle’s Little Princess…


Come sit with me, my princess,
I have brought you some chocolates.
Then we can go to my study,
When I’ll tell you amazing stories.

Don’t shy away little girl,
This is your favorite uncle,
The one who brings you chocolates,
And tells you stories of fairies.

Oh, such an endearing uncle!
Applauded the entire world.
While the little girl shivered,
The poor girl was in fear.

Greet your uncle, don’t be a brat,
That’s how she was again in a trap.
The little girl couldn’t express,
How the uncle abuses.


Featured image by: Hans Kretzmann from Pixabay