Zurick Vodka: Curtain Raiser


Zurick is an upcoming premium vodka brand in Nepal, which will share the shelf space with other premium vodka such as Ruslan, Grey Goose, and more. It is a six times distilled spirit, and will be promoted as one of the superior vodkas. The project required us to come up with a tagline, look & feel of the brand, and along with activities to help promote the brand.


It’s my way, or the highway!’ ‘Young, Wild & Free!’

That’s the attitude our consumers live by. They are young, lively, free-spirited, trendy, love to explore, party hard and have fun! Not bound by the ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ orthodox have set up for every individual; they have a ‘IDGAF’


Highly driven by digital media, our consumers spend most of their time on their electronic device, be it their laptop, tablet or mobile phone. They are quick to know which new song is being released, who’s wearing what and aspire to follow the global trends in music, fashion and lifestyle.


Our brand identity must sync with our consumer’s thinking and interests, while also adding an aspirational value to the brand.

Taking the ethos of our consumers and aspirations into consideration, one word that sums it all is ‘Freedom’. 

This philosophy of freedom is what we carry out through all our communication, be it tagline, creative, or even radio, posters and TVCs in the later phase.


The Spirit of Freedom doesn’t just mean the freedom to go clubbing and party. It means to listen to music they want to, dress the way they want, hang out with people they want, choose a career they want and as a whole, just be the way they want.

Not bound by conventional traits a person should follow or peer pressure, we as a brand is asking our consumers to embrace their true self, explore it, love it, accept it and just have fun.

Be free, be you. Embrace the spirit of freedom! 



As a vodka brand, purity and clarity should be a trait we shouldn’t miss while designing the label. Using silver makes it seem so much more elegant, and gives a look that represents a pure vodka.

Creative Expression 1

A neat design, where the entire focus lies on our product and brand story. It gives a premium feel to our brand.

The open bottle suggests that we are open to all kind of choices, lifestyle and are very free brand.

Creative Expression 2

Talking to our TG in their own terms, and definition of freedom from a celebrities’ perception, we tell our consumers to embrace the spirit of freedom.

This approach is very trend-savvy, cosmopolitan and quickly resonates with the attitude of our consumers making them want to be a part of this line of thinking and embrace ‘The Spirit of Freedom’.

Creative Expression 3

Through this creative we are showing a bunch of people having a cool, amazing time with their friends.

In photo-shoot, some people will be holding shot and some of them will be holding cocktails, showing that it can be enjoyed both ways.  

The open bottle suggests that we are open to all kind of choices, and lifestyle projecting that we are a very free brand.

Creative Expression 4

Representing a very chic, cosmopolitan lifestyle and giving a very jubilant vibe, we’ll be using three celebrities having an amazing time in our creative.

The open bottle suggests that we are open to all kind of choices, lifestyle and are very free brand.

Creative Expression 5

Here, everybody is blurred except a very happy girl who seems to be having a great time in her own world. We are using that level of free-spiritedness to describe- ‘The Spirit of Freedom.’


A platform where people can voice their ‘Theek talk.’


It’s your expression of spirit of freedom, embracing individualism and putting forth your opinion or thoughts on normal everyday things such as music, sports, lifestyle, fashion, etc.


Every month, people will be able to choose a topic or a question. Throughout the month these question will be asked to various celebrities. The 2-5 minutes interview will be conducted in various lively places such as swimming poop, pub, bars, etc where Zurick will be placed on the table.

As celebrities are expressing their opinion, our consumers can also post their thoughts on the same on digital media using #ZurickTheekTalk and tagging us.

Topics will be non-political and people are not allowed to malign anybody or any community.


Zurick Theek Talk. Aba sahi kura garnuhos kunai pani topic leyara, celebrities haru lai k sodhnu chahanu huncha, ya afno unique spirit ko paruchaya garaunu huncha sansar lai.

Agency: Max La’gence
Creative Director: Satish Singh
Account Manager: Aadesh Pant
Copywriter: Shreya Joshi
Graphics: Ashoka Shakya

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