VLCC: Monthly Content Calendar


VLCC is a beauty and wellness brand that provides a wide range of services from simple hair cut to body sculpting. The following are a few promotional campaigns.

March Campaign:

In the month of March, we created social media posts around gender equality in beauty and wellness. Through a series of posts, we showcase our products while giving the message that each of the service can be accessed by men as well as women.

December Campaign:

As December is the time most people come up with new year resolutions for the next year, we created posts encouraging people to make resolutions regarding their beauty and wellness by ditching the excuses.

August Campaign:

In August, we created posts around capturing the spotlight with a twist of Bollywood word play.

Agency: Media Moments
Accounts Manager: Akansha Jain
Creative Director: Prabhudoss Samuel
Copywriter: Shreya Joshi
Graphics:  Kusum Arti

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