TCL: Content Calendar


TCL is a global electronics brand, mainly known for their TVs. Media Moments was responsible for their monthly content calendar promoting their products, and building up the brand image. Here are some of the posts made to promote TCL Fan Page, and to gain traction during the IPL season.

Agency: Media Moments
Accounts Manager: Akansha Jain/ George John
Creative Director: Prabhudoss Samuel
Copywriter: Shreya Joshi
Graphics:  Arunjith

One thought on “TCL: Content Calendar

  1. SMiLes Dear Shreya A High Energy
    Youthful And Popular Sports Meme

    Fitting A Target Audience Well For

    Selling The TCL TV’s
    Hehe These Days They
    Tend to Last 10 Years and

    More So Indeed The Youthful

    First Buyers of Big TV’s
    This Target Audience

    You Touch Very
    Well Hehe Yes

    Currently i Have A Rather
    Mild Case of Covid-19 Now
    After Being Vaccinated 4 Times

    i Am So Happy i Don’t Have to Go
    To Work Anymore As i Can Rest As
    Much As i Care too…

    my Wife Who Has

    it Too of Course

    Will Be Watching
    Her 9 Year-Old Big
    Screen HDTV Samsung
    Smart TV Too Works As Great
    As the Day When We Took it Out of the Box

    And Oh my Gosh She Does Watch it A LOT
    Rare for me i Spend Most of My Day Creating
    Free Dance And Song Yet Not So Much Today Hehe…

    Nah A Spiraling Public Dance Not A Great Idea Now to Do…

    As i Might
    Get Dizzy
    And Fall Down

    Yet Usually Spinning Spiraling
    Hours No Dizzy At All For me hehe…
    HAha Perhaps i’ll Try Walking Solo Slowly Around Our Block..:)

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