Ncell Pahilo SIM: Sales Driven Campaign


Ncell Axiata Limited is the second largest telecommunication company based in Nepal. To promote their services, they come up with various offers on their SIM card, data plan, talk time, and more.

Ncell Pahilo SIM is a SIM card dedicated to fresh SEE graduates (students who recently passed their 10th grade), aged 15-16.

This project required us to come up with a sales driven campaign to promote the SIM card, using Nepali cricket icon Sandeep Lamichhane as the face of the campaign.

Our Approach

Considering 18 to 24 is the age, during which people choose what they want to do in their lives and take their career further. It is also a time where they take Pahilo Paila towards their dreams.

In this crucial time, providing them with something aspirational, rather than just our product will help us reach closer to our motive of converting customers to fans. To create an aspiration for maximum number of youths, we have a three phase plan.

Phase I

Through our first phase, we want to draw attention of maximum number of youths towards our campaign while giving it an aspirational value. The best way we could do so would be to create a contest dedicated to them led by influencers.

We have intentionally refrained from bringing our product to the limelight in the first phase, so that our customers see this as an activity meant purely to support them on their journey towards their goal and not any promotion. This will help build a good rapport with our customers, and create a feeling of relevance and connection. This will eventually develop brand loyalty before we launch our product.


Our customers will be asked to create a video, photo or text about their dreams and how they plan to take their Pahilo Paila, and share it on their social media page with #NcellPahiloPaila.

Ncell must be tagged on their post.

Each participant will have to nominate 5 of their friends and tag them , encouraging them to join in too.

The winner will get a Samsung Smartphone, Pahilo SIM and a chance to meet Sandeep.


How will the contest start?

-A contest post

-Sandeep will create a video and post it on his social media page tagging 5 influencers, Ncell will share Sandeep’s video

-5 influencers (paid) will do the same and tag their 5 friends (unpaid)

Digital Activation-Contest


“I too was where you are today, and I took the right Pahilo Paila and that has made all the difference..” – Sandeep

Share a story about your dream and how you plan on taking your Pahilo Paila. One lucky winner will stand a chance to have a heart-to-heart conversation with Sandeep and Ncell’s Pahilo SIM. For details about Pahilo SIM: <LINK>


Take the Pahilo Paila toward your dreams with PahiloSIM at just Re. 1. Also get abundant resources, FREE services on first recharge, amazing recharge offers, exclusive packs and more! For more information, dial 17103.

Phase II

The second phase is the forefront of our grand product launch and a bridge between our first phase and third phase. Here, we will release our TVC, Print ads and Digital posts, all encouraging our consumers to take the first step on their journey towards their dream with Ncell Pahilo SIM. These will be  tactical and highlight the offers with Ncell Pahilo SIM. We’ll also ask our customers to stay with us for phase three which will be even more exciting.

Live Event- Youth meets Sandeep

Our lucky winners will get a chance to meet Sandeep. As the conversation flows, he’ll direct the conversation towards how technology gives one access to a plethora of information and opportunities. He then introduces our product- Pahilo SIM.

Then, Sadikshya enters the screen and says that youths can have conversations with more icons to talk about their dreams and aspirations on our show.


Take pahilo paila towards a new chapter in your life following your dreams with Ncell’s Pahilo SIM at just Re. 1. The SIM comes with 10 Minute talk time, 50 MB data and 100 SMS valid for 3 days along with FREE 2GB data, FREE PRBT and FREE my5 service on first recharge. Also, watch our Pahilo Paila show to know how your favorite icons took their first step and interact with them live on our Facebook page.


Take a first step on a journey towards a new chapter in your life and follow your dreams with Ncell’s Pahilo SIM at just Re. 1. The SIM comes with 10 Minute talk time, 50 MB data and 100 SMS valid for 3 days along with FREE 2GB data, FREE PRBT and FREE my5 service on first recharge. Also, watch our Pahilo Paila show to know how your favorite icons took their first step and interact with them live on our Facebook page.

TVC Concept

Sandeep: Nepal ko National Cricket Team IPL ma khelne pahilo Nepali Thiye sabai kewal ek sapana (The determining factor in his life that made him what he is today) Tyo thiyo mero pahilo paila Linus tapai pani pahilo pailaSandeep in his cricket gear walking from the field towards changing room as he talks. He’s putting things in his bag, and getting ready to leave.
Sadikshya: Badhai cha! Afno sapana tira Pahilo Paila chalne harek yuwa haru lai, naya zindagi ko suruwat ma. Suru garnuhos afno sapana tira ko Naya Zindagi Ncell ko Pahilo SIM sanga.   Tapai ka favorite stars haru le kasari liye pahilo paila janna, ra kura kani garna hernuhola Pahilo Paila Ncell ko facebook page ma. Badhai Cha! Naya zindagi ko suruwat ma   Chalnuhos afno ko naya zindra ko yatra ma pahilo pailo Ncell ko pahilo SIM sanga.    Watch Pahilo Paila (Facebook icon)

Phase III

With our final phase, we aim to create even more direct contact of the brand with our customers and truly convert them to our fans. Here, we are giving our customers a chance to interact with icons from various fields to help them make decision about their career and future.

This will not only promote our brand, but also provide a platform for youths to discuss their confusion and make a decision about life. This being the turning point of their life, these students will always have a good memory to share with Ncell. This will have a great impact in creating a loyal base of customers for Ncell.

Show- Pahilo Paila

It will be a weekly live show, where a guest, (a youth icon) will be invited from various fields, each week. Our host, (preferably Sadikshya Shrestha) will have a tablet open in front of her. She’ll be reading out questions from comments section of our Facebook page and interacting with the icons.

Eventually, all the conversations will be directed to technology making our lives easier and internet, especially mobile data has given access to plethora of information, opening doors to new opportunities.

 Then, we introduce our Pahilo SIM along with all the offers, where Sadikshya along with our youth icon will encourage our customers to use Pahilo SIM.    


Agency: Max La’gence
Creative Director: Satish Singh
Account Manager: Trishna Shah
Copywriter: Shreya Joshi
Graphics: Ashoka Shakya, Asha Maharjan

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