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Alcatel is a smartphones and tablets brand by TCL, that delivers feature-rich experiences at an affordable price.


Make social media posts for Alcatel highlighting their features.

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Game now, with zero lags or interruptions on the new Alcatel U5 HD which comes with 2GB dedicated RAM.

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Get a little playful with a built in face mask app and amp up your selfies on Alcatel U5 HD.
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Alcatel Pop 4 10 with Bluetooth Keyboard is  all that you need for a dynamic work-life balance. Work as you go, anywhere, anytime.
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Turn your tablet into laptop anytime, as you enjoy your day while also catching up on work with Alcatel Pop 4 10 and Bluetooth Keyboard.
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Alcatel A7 comes with 4000 mAh battery. Now, you can power through your day without worrying about your battery.
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With an exclusive split screen mode, you can now, chat on social media as you witness the live game, all at once.
Post Copy:
Get the concert vibe anywhere, anytime, as you experience music that surrounds you with built-in dual speakers on your Alcatel A 3 10.
Post Copy:
Be the life of the party with a lit-up back panel on your Alcatel A5. It’s a disco in your pocket.
Post Copy:
Be the coolest dude in town, with a smartphone that’s a class apart. Get ready to light the room up with the world’s first modular LED phone, Alcatel A5.
April, 2018
Agency: Media Moments
Accounts Manager: Akansha Jain
Creative Director: Prabhudoss Samuel
Copywriter: Shreya Joshi
Graphics:  Sanu David

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