Magical history houses closing forever?

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I’ve always loved visiting museums as a kid for the sheer experience of being transported to a different era. It is like a secret time travel portal to people who can see it and a boring building with ancient stuff to people who can’t. So, choosing the topic for the podcast wasn’t difficult, and I had so much fun scripting it.

I wanted to portray both sadness of losing so many museums due to budget cuts, and the amazement of how many museums shall survive bringing new experiences for visitors. As I read further about the use of digital technologies in museums, I realized many museums have been doing that even before covid. However, covid pushed more museums to be open to digitalization to survive. The statistics I found from multiple scholarly sources varied slightly, but all predicted the closure of more museums. It seems like it is the beginning of a new era for museums and how we, as visitors experience the culture.

I intentionally titled the podcast ‘Magical history houses closing forever?’ to signify the closure of many museums all over the world. However, as the podcast progressed the future of the museum doesn’t seem that bleak. In fact, the museums of the future promise to be much more immersive, taking us on almost real-like time travel journeys.

The problem arose while I was recording, starting with the fact that I hate my recorded voice. Telling myself that I gotta get used to it, especially if I want a career in media, I finally recorded the podcast. I made several mistakes as I read out the script, but didn’t bother about re-starting the entire script hoping to edit out the mistakes later. That was not a great decision on my part, as I am not accustomed to using Audacity, and editing every single flaw became very tedious.

So, I came up with plan B. To read the script in six different parts, and re-start every time I made a mistake. This allowed me to take breaks between each recording to read what I had to say next. Also, every time I made a mistake, I could restart as I didn’t have to start from the beginning. This worked so much better than the first time I tried to edit.

I used piano music from free sound for the intro and outro music. However, for the picture, I used a photo I clicked a few years back when I was living in India.

Being accountable: LGBTQ+

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To the flamboyant boy from my school,
I realize now, you’ve always been cool,
From the way that you dressed up,
To your expressions, always over the top. 

I remember how we shunned you,
All the hush-hush behind you,
‘Cause somebody told you’re gay,
And you kinda behaved that way.

But now I’m questioning everything,
That I’ve learned in my childhood days,
For they were flat out rude and demeaning,
A better me, I want to embrace. 

I wish I stood up for you back then,
Questioned everything again and again,
Why is, “You are so gay,” an insult,
While “You are so manly,” a compliment?

Why weren’t we taught anything in schools?
Lifelong education, and graduating fools.
I’m sorry that I opened my eyes a lot later,
But I’m glad, it’s better late than never. 

Featured image by: Anna Shvets from Pexels

Batteling loneliness to finding life long romance

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When nobody held my hand, poetry held my heart. Amid the depth of pain and hoping for a change, words became my forever friend. I don’t even remember the exact year but what I know is that I wrote every time I felt a strong emotion and had nobody to express it to. I used to write on the last pages of my notebooks, only to throw them away in fear that anybody would read them. I didn’t want anybody to read my words, for they contained my deepest and darkest secrets. But then the internet happened!

The internet felt like a safe place. I could easily create a pen name and post anything that I want. Nobody would know that I wrote it, and yet I would be heard. That’s how I started posting my writings on Wattpad. Those were the days when paid stories were still not a thing, so, I would spend literally hours on the app. I read to escape reality, and I wrote to vent. That’s when I decided I wanted to be a writer.

But writing is easy, being a writer not so much. Damn! It’s tough. Especially if you have a writing job, it’s really difficult to find some words for yourself after work. So, when I started this blog three years ago, I posted a poem and forgot about it until almost 2020.

2020 was crazy! By 2020, I mean the end of 2019 till a few months into 2021. This was the crazy rollercoaster ride that I’m still somehow surviving.

2019 was great. I had an amazing job, I wrote ads that played in movie theaters, and I was finally with my parents. Then, I quit my job hoping to pursue a master’s degree, and that’s when the pandemic hit. So, I was jobless and had nothing to do and I remembered that I had created this blog. Thanks to all the meaningful connections I made here, you made 2020 bearable.

Besides awesome WordPress friends, 2020 was bleh. Jobless and stuck at home, I found the cure to boredom in sad poetry. And I guess that’s when I wrote a book, a poetry collection to be more precise. This book wouldn’t have been possible with each and every encouraging words by fellow writers and readers on this blog. So, thank you so much for being a part of this journey.

Valentines Day of 2021 was when my book was supposed to be released. A perfect book for single people. 101 emotions that they wouldn’t have to feel. But then life happened, and procrastination happened, shifting the release to April 1st. It seemed like a perfect date. A book dedicated to everyone who has been fooled by love, releasing on April Fools Day.

But damn! Kindle Publishing is not as easy as it seems, not for first-timers anyway. I’m definitely going to talk about all the unexpected things I came across.

You can find the ebook version of Chronicles of a Broken Heart at

And yeah, I know it’s published two days prior to the planned date of release but I have an explanation (more like a rant) for that too. For people who prefer the feel of paper, the paperback version will be available soon. Most probably, within this week itself.

To people who’re trying to make sense of the blog title, it’s writing. Writing is my one true love, my lifelong romance.

While I can’t make any promises, I really am hoping to be super regular and follow the NaPoWriMo 2021 prompts.

Much love,
Shreya Joshi

Bleeding at my typewriter…

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Ernest Hemingway once said, “There’s nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” But what happens, when you can’t bleed? You cut yourself a million times, you see the scars, you feel the pain, yet not a drop of blood flows. What happens when all your blood is gone, and you’re just a lump of mass? What about when you feel so dead inside? What about when everything is trapped inside you, but your skin got so thick with all the endurance that not even the sharpest sword can pierce you? What about then? How do you write when your own words betray you? How do you find words when you’ve lost yourself?

Fuck you, Hemingway, for painting such an easy picture! Words don’t come that easy.

To all the writers for whom writing is more than just or a hobby or a passion, but also a profession…
To the people who have to find words even when they have lost themselves…
To those brilliant writers who have to paint a beautiful happy day while there’s a storm raging in their lives and minds…
I salute you. Each and every one of you.

Vincent Ehindero Award

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Oooh, I must be super lucky! I got nominated for Vincent Ehindero Award for the fifth time!!

So, I’m combining it all together instead of making four different posts. I was nominated by Tanya Sheik, Ritisha, Shweta, thebibliophilewriter and Navin. Thank you so much, all of you, for nominating me!

Tanya’s blog buddingspark celebrates little things in life and sprinkles joy to all its readers.

Whereas, Ritisha’s blog explores her journey in life and her love for writing.

And Shweta’s blog, is a beautiful collection awesome line and poems.

thebibliophilewriter’s blog, is one of those rare blogs which captures emotion in the form of poetry so very intricately.

Navin is definitely one of the best poets in WordPress. If you want to fall in love with some verses, Navin’s poems is a must visit!

Thank you so so so so so much Tanya, Ritisha, Shweta, thebibliophilewriter and Navin!

If you have already read this before, feel free to scroll down to Navin’s questions. That’s the only thing new here. 😛

Tanya’s questions:

  1. What occupies you, the whole day (these days)? – Mommy, Daddy, Bro & Bruno!
  2. Do you have passion except writing, name one? – Reading (Fiction)
  3. If you could give one brilliant thing to your mom, what it ‘ll be? – Turn her to a small kid once again
  4. If I tell pencil, what will come to your mind at first? – A cylindrical wooden thing with lead inside it
  5. If you could get the chance to direct a film, what zone it will be? – Idk, whatever I get. But you could check out my short film, Aftermath. I made it a few years ago while I was studying in India.

Ritisha’s questions:

  1. What is your favourite aspect of blogging? –Writing, I’m head over heels in love with words!
  2. What is your favourite social media platform, and why? –Idk, don’t have any preference.
  3. Are you more of an indoors or outdoors person? –Depends on my mood!
  4. Tell me a weird fact about yourself! – I’ve got too many, and to mention one would insult the rest!
  5. What is your favourite season? –Happy season!
  6. What is your favourite memory? –I’ve got too many, and to mention one would insult the rest!
  7. Cats or dogs? – Cats obviously, but my dog Bruno wouldn’t let me have one. And I adore him more than any other cats or dogs in the world.
  8. If you were an only child, would you wish to have siblings? –Yep! I love my siblings.
  9. What is your favourite ice-cream flavour? –All ice-creams are my favourite!
  10. What three wishes would you ask from a genie? –Wishes don’t come true if it’s told in open. 😛

Shweta’s questions which is also thebibliophilewriter’s question:

  1. What’s the last movie that you watched? Predestination.
  2. What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day? Sleep, or watch the rain.
  3. What are you doing to beat the lockdown blues? I’m actually enjoying this lockdown. There are no blues.
  4. How long can you go without using your phone? Idk, depends…
  5. What do you most value in your friends? Friends themselves…
  6. Do you have a favourite fictional character? What makes her/him your favourite? Idk… Really don’t have one.
  7. Winter or Summer? Winter, always!
  8. What is love, in your point of view? Something that can’t be described in words…
  9. What is your favorite movie or TV show? Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, and (my answers keep changing for this one…)
  10. If you could time travel, where (when?) would you go? To every where and every time….

thebibliophilewriter’s alternate question:

  1. Describe yourself using one word? Real.
  2. Would you rather die or live alone? Both!
  3. What is your phobia/Which animal are you afraid of? Humans.
  4. Are you a loud person, soft spoken or in between type? Mix of all, depending upon the situation.
  5. From which country, state and city do you belong from and currently live in? Nepal
  6. Which is you favourite book/movie? Wuthering Heights.
  7. One interesting fact about you? I’m interesting. Picking only one thing would be disrespectful to my interesting. Lol!
  8. Which subject do/did you despised at school? Nepali and Social Studies
  9. Are you a Mommy’s or a Daddy’s child? Both!
  10. Are you a nerd,jock or a geek? Please don’t label me.

Navin’s questions:

  1. What is blogging for you? Idk. One place that makes me feel appreciated? Lol!
  2. If you are given a chance to travel in a different country, which country would you choose & why? Right now, I want to go to India. I miss my boyfriend, so damn much.
  3. Do you believe in karma & past lives? Yep!
  4. If you were a drink, what would you be? Mix of all.
  5. If you could go back into any period of time, what would it be? Before I was born.
  6. Which moment would you remove from your life if you could? None!
  7. Who’s your favorite singer? I’m very fickle about it.
  8. What do you love to talk about? Life!
  9. Do you have pets? Burno, my dog.
  10. Would you rather be a pleaser & won’t say your true meaning than being direct with people & simply say what you mean? Depends.

My questions:

I’m influenced by a certain King of Laziness. So, feel free to answer any 5 questions from above.

My nominations, as always is open is to everyone!

The Right Way to Mourn

Poetry, Writer life

Is there the right way to mourn,
The death of someone you love?
We’ve all seen it in movies,
Tears flooding down the eyes.
Sad music, rain and all things grey,
But real life doesn’t sway that way. 

Some people do cry their hearts out,
Heart-wrenching guttural cries,
While some just let out  a few sobs,
In the memory of the ones that has gone,
Some could just stand and stare,
In utter denial, acting unaware,
Some could even laugh out loud,
Upon the cruel joke faith just played. 

You see dear, there are many ways,
For people to express their grief,
Each have their one story,
Losing a loved one isn’t easy.
Just because they do it differently,
You don’t hold the right to judge.
Cause there’s no right way to mourn,
The death of someone you love. 

Some could slit their own throat,
To reunite with the one that’s gone,
Some could cry for days and nights,
The melancholy swallowing them,
Some could act like nothings wrong,
Pretend the dead is still alive,
Some could turn to Jack Daniel’s,
Try and forget the fact so tragic
Everyone deals with it differently,
And there’s no perfect way.

Topic by: Bharath

Featured image by: Mandy Fontana from Pixabay


Poetry, Writer life

Faking smiles, forcing laughter,
This crowded world is such a torture,
All the stupid, “Hi!”s and “Hello!”s,
The unmeant, “How are you?”s,
Nobody ever really cares,
Isolation, everybody fears.
So, the cold hugs and dead handshakes
World is so full of fakes.

In places that are the crowdiest,
Are where I feel the loneliest.
It’s so tiring and heart wrenching,
So, strenuous is all the faking.
I just want to run far, far away,
Be completely alone for a day.
All alone, I feel the most alive,
In isolation I want to dive.

Enjoy deep and honest conversations,
With people from my imaginations,
Let my mind soar, far and beyond,
Leave this world’s sly threshold,
Get rid of all the fake socialization,
As I immerse in a beautiful isolation,
Just me, my soul and my thoughts,
Far away from this toxic world.

For, Thursday Poetry Competition! Deadline is Tuesday, so you better hurry up if you want to participate!

Featured image source: Thursday Poetry Competition!

The Uncelebrated Mothers

Poetry, Writer life

The giver of life, a forever friend,
Cheers to mothers, all over the world.
But this Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate bigger,
Happy Mother’s Day to the uncelebrated mothers.
The mothers who killed their own babies,
The mothers who gave up their children.
They have been called evil, monsters and what not,
Their own guilt kills them every single day.

Let go of your judgement, step on their shoes,
They only did, the best they could do.
What would a pregnant 15-year-old do?
Giving birth could destroy, not one life, but two.
Killing her baby instead of loving and protecting it,
That’s probably the hardest decision, she ever makes.
What about mom suffering from postnatal depression?
What if in sickness, she killed her own child.
She is burning in a purgatory of guilt,
Please tell that woman, it’s not her fault.
What about the woman who is suicidal?
Do you think she can handle giving birth?

What about a woman in an abusive relationship?
Won’t her child grow better in a foster care?
And there are so many mothers, so many stories,
Don’t ask their reasons, just tell them, “It’s okay!”

Featured image by: Engin Akyurt from Pexels

Shhh… Don’t utter a word

Poetry, Writer life

Oh, dear little girl, it is dead unfair,
You were touched against your will,
Stripped off your self-esteem,
You are feeling dirty, vulnerable, weak,
And all you want to do is scream,
It’s justice that you need.
But shh… Don’t utter a word,
It’s you who will be questioned.
Oh, dear innocent one, it is dead unfair
You were raped by your dearest,
Someone you wouldn’t even suspect.
Your self-confidence, your trust, everything,
Lies shattered broken beaten and battered.
You want to hide, you want to cry,
You need the justice to be served.
But shh… don’t utter a word,
And get married to the man who raped you.

Oh, dear hopeless romantic, it is dead unfair,
Your husband is with another woman,
Showering all his love on her,
And all he gives you is abuse,
He values you lesser than a penny,
Yet you gotta be his dutiful wife and a nanny.
But shh… don’t utter a word,
Or homeless is what you will be.
Oh, dear little dreamer, it is dead unfair,
The love of your life, your career choice,
All of it, you have to sacrifice,
For a man you don’t even know,
The one that your society chose for you.
That’s your life from now on,
You loathe the choice, you don’t want that life.
But shh… don’t utter a word,
You’ll bring shame to the family.

Oh, dear ambitious woman, it is not fair,
After all sleepless night and strenuous days,
It’s your male counterpart that get the praise,
Along with a promotion and a raise.
And when you decided to ask why,
Your boss asked you to have sex.
Later, you were fired cause you denied,
Reason stated, you were slacking off.
But shh.. don’t utter a word
No one will ever believe you.
Dear women all over the world,
And all the responsible and wonderful men too,
You know what’s happening around you.
Don’t turn a blind eye, don’t engage in gossips,
Stand up for what’s right, give them voice.
Be that one person people can confide on,
Be the support people around you need.
Cause shh… don’t utter a word,
Is all they have heard.

Featured image by: Kat Jayne from Pexels