I know you from somewhere
You are someone I used to care
We both were a great pair
I always knew you were there
What we had was rare !!

Then I realized you have an affair
You thought I was okay to share
I couldn’t believe you could dare
Now all my eyes could do is tear!!


Thank you so much WildHeart for the space and trust you have given me!!

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A Journey For Forever


A guest post by Anurika. While I adore her book reviews, her poems are equally awesome. Check them out!

Come let’s go on a journey together,
Where you and me can stay forever;

A place we don’t have to hide in the dark corner,
And can kiss you under the sunny weather;

Alone just the two of us under the shelter,
Your eyes would be my only mirror;

With you being near, I have no fear,
Will go against the world with pleasure;

Oh dear lover, you are my only desire,
Don’t be afraid, we will be stronger;

Everyday we explore will be a adventure,
Come let’s built a beautiful future;

But remember, there is no pressure,
Whatever you decide, I will surrender;

Plz say yes, make my life a sparkling Treasure,
And tie the holy knot in the month of December!!


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Thank you so much Wild Heart for giving me this opportunity to write for your amazing and creative blog!! You are a real gem!! Bless you.

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