Retaining your eCommerce Customers


Venturing into unchartered territories and getting new customers is exciting. But it is crucial to note that your existing customers are the life and soul of your business. Getting customers to visit your platform and make a purchase, again and again, is what makes you stable. Adding on, it costs five times to attract a new customer than keeping the existing ones.

So what can you do to keep the customers visiting your platform again and again?

Great customer service:

Go the extra mile, blow them away every time they get service from your platform. Leave no room for complaint and if there’s one, address it immediately.

From providing the friendly UX/ UI to timely delivery and quality products, make sure you tick each of the boxes. Create an eCommerce experience so great that they keep wanting to come back to you.

Loyalty programs:

Loyalty programs such as vouchers, memberships, and accumulative discounts could contribute a big deal in cultivating loyal customers. For instance, if you give your customer a discount voucher to your customer on their first purchase, which they can redeem on the next purchase, they are more likely to return. After all, who doesn’t want a special discount?

You could also send gifts to your most frequent customers, which would encourage other customers to frequent your eCommerce platform. It simultaneously also contributes to increasing new customers.

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Personalized service:

Everyone likes something that’s tailored specially for them. When you get some data about customers browsing throughout your platform or buying some products, your system can save the data and show products accordingly. For instance, if a person is browsing through new gadgets, your algorithm can show the items they spent more time on the homepage itself. Similarly, if a person made a purchase, an AI that suggests better products or related products would be of great help. It shows your customer that you want the best for your customers.

You could also get your AI to generate personalized emails to customers regarding products they might be interested in. If a person recently bought a camera, you could send an email about camera lenses, tripods, and more. 

This article is a slightly edited version of the article I wrote for VGo Global in 2020, when I was working with them as their Campaign Lead / Blogger.

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