Wild, Scary, & Crazy; an Uncertain Journey


In case you forgot me, I’m Shreya, and this used to be primarily a poetry blog. Although I tried being more consistent or active out here, life has been crazy as I ventured onto a wild journey more than 5000 miles away from home. On February 16th, 2022, I left home and moved to Melbourne for my further studies. And believe me, it’s been quite a wild, scary, and crazy journey.

Getting used to Melbourne wasn’t that hard. As I’m living with my cousin, everything is much easier than it would have been if I didn’t know anyone here. I got a job as a kitchen hand at a pizza place almost immediately, which was nice. Everything seemed to be going smoothly. But well, you can always expect unseen issues when everything is going way too perfectly.

I didn’t even realize I was being underpaid, and since then, it’s been a long roller coaster ride of job-hopping and trying to break into the content industry in Melbourne. My copywriting portfolio, the one I was always so proud of, seems inadequate. All that I do seems not enough. The grading system here is different than what I’m used to, so I need to adjust to that too. I feel lost yet super excited for all that’s there to come.

So, since I don’t think I’ll be able to dedicate much time to poetry, I guess I’ll be using this space for lifestyle articles, showcasing my portfolio, and so on. While I’ll be posting many different things here, I haven’t given up on poetry, I’ll still be writing poetry from time to time.

Looking forward to reconnecting with you all. Feel free to drop in your favorite blog links in the comments section cause I’m sure I’ve missed out on a lot.

Love ya,
Shreya Joshi

27 thoughts on “Wild, Scary, & Crazy; an Uncertain Journey

  1. Poet of the Light says:

    Life is ever-changing and I wish you great sucess. Your blog, is your blog to post whatever you feel like sharing. Some people, like myself just like little snip-its of other peoples lives for variety in juxtaposing their own life alongside. Glad to see you posting something.


  2. Gentleman Dave says:

    Wow, Shreya!! What an adventure! I am so excited to hear more about what you’re doing there. I am so happy to see your blog back in action. I can’t forget your amazing poetry. You are a talented writer. I’m sure something will open up for you there. Keep going! I’m with you here all the way! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟💪

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    1. Shreya Joshi says:

      Thank you so much, Dave. So excited to read all your poetries that I missed. Just giving you a heads up here, this space will turn into a lifestyle blog maybe to showcase my other forms of writings. 🙈🙈🙈 Just letting you know. Thanks for always supporting me. 💗

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  3. katiemiafrederick says:

    Wow, Indeed amazing Life Changes
    All the Way from Nepal to Melbourne
    Australia Dear Shreya Mainly Nice
    to See You Are Doing Okay
    And continuing to evolve
    in Your Life in A New
    Place of
    Living Now
    We Do What We
    Have to Do and Perhaps
    Even Grow Wings of Happiness Free
    Best to You in Furthering Your Wings


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  4. Cassa Bassa says:

    Hi Shreya, hope your career journey takes a positive turn. I work in the employment space, may be able to provide some feedback on your resume and job application related matters. I can be reach via LinkedIn if you search under “Carrie Yang”

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  5. ianscyberspace says:

    Hard to leave beautiful Himalayan region for the hot and sometimes cold climate of Melbourne. Welcome to Australia. Having worked in several different countries it takes time to work out how to survive in another culture. After living for 30 years in Asia I had challenges fitting back into my own Australian culture so know what its like. 🙂 You will soon work your way into the system and enjoy life here. Welcome!


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