When Nothing Is Going Right

I have a million and one complaints,
About every single thing in my life,
Education and career both on halt,
Covid really ruined my plans,
Family life in full-blown chaos,
Clamorous fights with my dad,
Never-ending sibling rivalry,
Stupid quarrels with my mom,
So, all I want to do is scream,
Scream my lungs out loud,
Until it calms me down,
Ah! I’m hating it,
Every single thing that’s happening,
But I’m lucky I must say,
To have a dad who dotes on me,
He loves me more than anything,
A brother who’d put aside all the fights,
Always be there when I need him,
And momma dearest, the very best,
Upon her, my whole world rests.

15 thoughts on “When Nothing Is Going Right

  1. AB says:

    These are hard times. I get the feeling; dreams, life, career, everything put to a halt. I feel the same almost every day. Scream it all out if you can or else scream it out in your writings. Stay strong and stay safe. All love ❀️

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