Un-crushing on You


I think I’ve mastered the art,
Of taming my wild heart,
Now my heart doesn’t flutter,
Thinking about you,
And my mind doesn’t revolve in circles,
Making up stories about me & you,
Ah! It feels so good to be free,
From this day-dreaming spree,
Where you’re on my head,
Every second of my day.
I thinking I’ve finally, successfully
Un-crushed on…
This is fatality!
I’m writing poetry
Get the f*** out of my head!!!

Featured image by: Zen Chung from Pexels

33 thoughts on “Un-crushing on You

  1. Falling in Love And Crushing Does Sound A Little
    “Wild Scared Crazy” Shreya Hehe i Remember
    my Crushes From High School Never The

    So-Called ‘Hot And Beautiful Girls’

    Freshman Crushes on Senior

    Nerd Girls In What They Called

    ‘Beta Club’ Then For Geeks And Nerds

    The Smarter The Better Remember Going
    to the ‘Nerd Convention’ In the Southern Part
    of my State And the Fellow Nerds Making Fun

    of The Fact That i was Repeating The Name of
    my Crush in My Sleep Oh Lord That Was So Embarrassing

    As i Was Way
    Too Shy To Let Her Know

    Anyway Everything Was Innocent

    Back in the Dinosaur Days of my Youth

    Good Luck On Your Un-Crushing Imagine

    If Everyone Was Crushing And Falling In

    Love Always There Would Be No Focus

    To Get Anything Done in Life

    Except For Repeating One’s

    Crush in One’s

    Head Over
    And Over
    Again Just Not

    Able to Get Their Face

    Out of The Mind Like Reciting

    A Favorite Piece of Poetry Hehe

    Over And Over And Over And Over With ‘Insane’ Glee..:)

  2. Loved the last few lines. You never get over them, you just learn to get along with what you have inside. This is something most people can relate to, the struggle. A nice blend of words and emotions.

  3. Un-crushing on someone is such a good feeling!
    I had a crush on someone a little while back. When it was over, i heard the song- I forgot you existed by Taylor Swift. A d that it hard. Your poem hits the same way!

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