Being accountable: LGBTQ+

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To the flamboyant boy from my school,
I realize now, you’ve always been cool,
From the way that you dressed up,
To your expressions, always over the top. 

I remember how we shunned you,
All the hush-hush behind you,
‘Cause somebody told you’re gay,
And you kinda behaved that way.

But now I’m questioning everything,
That I’ve learned in my childhood days,
For they were flat out rude and demeaning,
A better me, I want to embrace. 

I wish I stood up for you back then,
Questioned everything again and again,
Why is, “You are so gay,” an insult,
While “You are so manly,” a compliment?

Why weren’t we taught anything in schools?
Lifelong education, and graduating fools.
I’m sorry that I opened my eyes a lot later,
But I’m glad, it’s better late than never. 

Featured image by: Anna Shvets from Pexels

17 thoughts on “Being accountable: LGBTQ+

  1. A lovely piece Shreya! This is how change happens. When we accept and recognize our past shortcomings and choose to strive to be someone better. Well written!

  2. Yes Perhaps We Should
    Ask What If No Gay What

    About All The Love Songs

    Elton John Created Inspiring

    Millions Of Folks to


    In The


    His Songs

    Helped Sire

    All Those Children

    Who Would Direct

    The Church Choirs What About the
    Up to 58 Percent Of Homosexually
    Inclined Young Men Studied As
    Such Within The Catholic




    A Marriage

    Free Priest Even

    Possible For Up
    To 60 Percent of
    Catholic Churches to Exist

    What About All The Arts The
    Literature The Poetry Paintings
    All The Music Theater And So

    Much More

    Yes What About

    All Those With Enough

    Days On Their Hands Now

    Not Raising Children Who

    Find So Many Ways to

    Lift Others Up Who



    Wise Fall

    Down And Never

    Get Up Yes What
    About Gay Folks God’s

    Greatest Gift That Even
    Makes Life Tolerable With

    The Colors They

    To Life

    For Those
    They Benefit

    The Most The
    Drab Ignorant

    Clothes Of Life

    Who Otherwise

    Exist in Grey Scale Life…

    They Would Fucking




    The Gifts Gay Folks Bring…

    God Has A Greater Plan

    Than Ignorance


    Colors Of Souls…

    Not To Leave Out
    All The Gay Scientists/Doctors


    Who Make Four
    Wheel Drives




    Trailer Parks

    And What

    Picks Up The

    Garbage And

    Saves Us From Disease…
    Fortunately Gay Folks


    Scale Purgatory
    And Black Abyss Trailer Park Life…

    There Was A Gay Guy Who Lived
    Down The Road From Us In A
    Little House Who All The ‘First
    Baptist’ Folks Made Fun of

    (And the Rest of
    His “Redneck
    School”) Yes

    Ironically He

    Just Retired

    From A



    With The Government

    Making More Money

    Than The Homophobic

    Last Vice President Mike Pence
    Nah… Without Gay Folks Society




    In Every Way

    People Who

    Are Ignorant are Clueless

    Ignorance Is The Real Devil of Life…

  3. Such an eye opening post and the way you’ve presented it, absolutely beautiful Shreya!

    It’s so important to accept them as part of us only.
    We will definitely bring the change and I can see it’s beginning with this shout out post by you. More power to your pen Shreya❤️

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