Mother Dearest

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A business woman fierce and bold,
Her eyes as shrewd as an eagle,
On her affairs, she’s a tight hold,
Don’t mess with her, or you’ll shrivel.

That rad woman is no other,
Than my super duper cool mother,
She’s awesome, my role model,
Raised me bold and strong, didn’t coddle.

Inspired by: Whittled Words – Rispetto Poem by Brad Osborne

Featured image by: Anuj Yadav from Pexels

20 thoughts on “Mother Dearest

  1. Ah Yes Story of my Wife Again True too

    Climbing 40 Foot Trees At Age

    8 Looking Over Roofs Of

    Homes of Children

    Who Were the

    Haves Picking Fruit

    For in Her Household

    No Electricity, Food, or Water;

    Just Have Not; No ‘Stuff’; True, There Are Women With No

    Money At All; No Social Status Or Material Power, Not Even A

    Job For Pay, Who Understand FULLY What It Takes to Survive

    Love Best to Find One Like

    That To

    Stand By

    Her Man

    In Case

    He Finds Himself

    in Hell for Real for

    66 Months Shreya…:)

      1. SMiles Dear Shreya
        Katrina Made A Deal

        With A Poor
        Man Of Money
        When She Was

        19, And i Was
        29, 31 Years Ago

        Marrying Angel

        As Legends in
        Stories Become
        Real in Fruition

        All i Had to

        Offer Her

        Is Love Yet

        Same As 31 Years

        Ago “The Age of
        Katrina” Remains

        Forever Young
        And True With

        SMiles i Provide
        Enough Evidence

        On My Blog

        Fairy Tales

        Do Come Real
        When Powered

        By Greatest Forces
        LoVE iN Imagination


        Magic Real

        Thanks Shreya😊🙌☺️

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