We weren’t best friends, not even close,
Maybe that’s why we didn’t stay in touch,
Occasional conversations once in a while,
Months and months went by without a word,
So, I write to you words I never said,
Oh, how I took you for granted,
Knew you’d always be there,
Just a call or a text away.
I remember our jokes & your weird laugh,
The way you played with colors & shapes,
Ah, how you strived to be better every day,
My partner in almost all my works,
You were the creative to my copy.
And I hate it more than I can express,
There won’t be working together ever again,
That I need to talk about you in the past tense,
How is it fair that I need to go on,
While your journey comes to an end?
How is it fair to any of us,
To go on without you in our lives?

Featured image by: Rahul from Pexels

25 thoughts on “Sanu

  1. Sorry You Lost Another
    Young Friend In Nepal
    Shreya Where

    i Live There

    Are No Waits

    For Vaccinations
    Yet Only 30 Percent
    Are Fully Vaccinated

    And Most

    Of The Rest
    Who Are Not
    Vaccinated Have
    Discarded Their Protective

    Masks True There Are Third
    World Countries With

    First Rate


    And Caring

    For Other



    And There

    Are First World
    Countries With
    All Gifts Except
    Common Sense



    Spoon Food


    oF Lies
    Minions Still
    Following Ignorance…

    If The Dead From
    “Third World Countries”
    Could Speak to


    Or Even




    They Would Listen…
    And Understand



    Truly Are Not… 😭

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