When the phone rings

My phone rings and I’m rattled,
To pick or not, I battle,
For I fear the news,
Shall give me bruise,
I don’t want to hear,
How I lost someone dear,
Every ring gives me terror,
Bad news they deliver,
Almost one person each day,
Is taken far far away,
Friends, family, relatives,
All wiped away by diseases,
With no pause in between,
Deaths after deaths I see,
Yet somehow we’re expected,
Very easily demanded,
To be just as productive,
Just as creative.

Photo by MART PRODUCTION from Pexels

29 thoughts on “When the phone rings

  1. katiemiafrederick says:

    Yeah, Even Living in the United States It’s Very
    Scary When A Blogging Friend From India
    Goes Missing From Online Wondering

    If they Will Come Back And Yes
    in my Case Receiving Bad News
    That they Won’t Be Coming Back

    Except in Terms of Warmth They Have
    Already Brought to FRiEnDSHiP LiFE True
    That Always CarrieS oN as This Is How We Live

    Forever in the Souls

    of Folks Who Have

    Felt Our Kindness in Life

    That In Turn We Give And Share
    Caring Freely With Others With Least Harm

    Smiles Shreya i Am Sad in Feelings to Hear

    About All Your Losses From the Nepal Part of

    South Asia Too and i’m Sure You Have Friends

    From India too And Likely Other Impacted Countries too…

    The More We Love The More We Stand to Lose Yet the More

    We Still Have the Potential to Give Share And Care Freely As Long

    As We Do Not Let the Love Given And Shared Freely in Caring Spirit
    HeART And SoUL Go Away From Within Our EYes of LoVE NoW…

    Best Prayers

    And Wishes that

    You Stay Healthy And

    Well Dear FRiEnD Shreya

    As Love May Still Ride This

    Way Staying Atop Balancing this

    Newest Rage On Stormy Night Waves

    You’ve Been Gone about the Same Period

    of Days my FRiEnD And Her Mother Who Didn’t

    Make it Back to Word Press Glad to See You Back Still Here..:)

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      1. katiemiafrederick says:

        SMiles Dear Shreya “1st World
        Countries’ Get The Best
        ‘Cures’ Even if Much
        Of The Populace
        Reigns in

        Where i Live
        Now It’s As if

        There Was Never
        A Pandemic At
        All In Northwest

        Florida Yet

        Of Course
        The Dead
        Do Not

        Up And
        Speak Out

        SMiles Dear
        Shreya Will

        Keep You in
        My Prayers For
        You To Stay



        Loving Greater❤️🙏😊

        Liked by 2 people

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