A Unicorn’s Chores


Magical, beautiful, calm, & pure,
Strong legs & horn that cure,
That’s how unicorns are meant to be,
But I’m kinda different and very very lazy.

It’s an innate behavior they say,
For unicorns to keep poisons at bay,
But this century is a lot harder,
Than those seen by my ancestors.

Oceans, rivers, lakes, and ponds,
All are polluted beyond bounds,
How can one single Unicorn,
Make all that mess gone?

Then, there are diseases to cure,
But where do I start? I’m not sure.
So, I go around pooping rainbows,
While scientists run my show.

Then, there are nasty paleontologists,
And super cunning archeologists,
Digging up my mother’s grave,
I’ve got secrets to save.

And the list goes on and on,
With never-ending chores,
Phew! I’m taking a long nice nap,
Before the world ends, give me a tap.

For NaPoWriMo Day 9. An unsual to-do list.

Featured image by: Vane from Pixabay

12 thoughts on “A Unicorn’s Chores

    1. Hehe… Did a quick read on magical powers of unicorns… 🤪 Hehe. I kinda believe they are real. Atleast, in my heart. 😬🙈🙈🙈

  1. It’s True Without MaGiC Unicorns
    We Will Not Cure An EartH’s DiSEaSE

    For Where Does Strength

    Lie or Tell The Truth

    If Not In Hope

    For A MaGiC

    Way to

    Drown Out
    Fear And Hate
    All that Moves Out of
    Balance Fast As the Speed
    of CuLTuRaL Pandemics Humans
    Make Eating Away Face of Earth that is

    Us too How Many MaGiC UNiCoRNS NoW

    Will It Take to Cure A Zombie Apocalypse

    Well The Truth is Neither One is Real

    Never The Less The Essence

    of the Myth

    is Carrying

    A Full Blown War
    of Peace As We Dance
    And Sing Art Free to Be

    Hehe Sure i feel Like a Nap
    too Yet Drill Sergeant Wife Says

    Soon We Will Celebrate Her Birthday TODAY

    Yeah Even Unicorns Have to Take The Garbage Out Hehe Shreya…

    Fortunately For me my Wife Says i Do None of it Good Enough So

    She Takes Care oF iT ALL So i will Do Happy Unicorning Every Day..;)

      1. Yes Dear Shreya Other
        Folks Have Named
        My Wife Eternal
        Now Turning 51
        As Legend/Story

        Has It Still Now
        Hehe So Poor
        i Asked
        Her For

        Once Upon

        31 Years Ago

        Then All i Could
        Assure Her of
        Is Love Never


        Old The
        Pics On
        My Blog
        And Other
        Seem To Prove

        my Point
        Thing it is
        Hehe FRiEnDS
        Of Mine Close

        Do Seem to

        Age Slow

        All About


        Source True
        LoVE Not Fake❤️😊🤗

  2. Unicorns, you wrote about them last year too but still you manage to write this one completely different from what you wrote last time..

    I loved last stanza the most💛

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