Rest In Peace?


That wretched doctor who took my life,
I curse him from beneath the grave,
Oh, how he said cancer is to blame,
After operating me for tumor, what a shame!
Oh, how my daughter cried,
As she saw me rapidly fade,
And my sons gave up their dreams,
Too soon, they had responsibilities to take,
Then, there’s this magical little girl,
Whom I never got to meet,
She has my eyes, my nose,
And a small part of my soul,
She stares into my photo and says,
As if I can hear her pray,
“Everything would have been different,
If… if only, you were alive.”
Damn! Her wishes keep me awake,
Pondering, wondering, screaming,
‘What if I had a few more years to live?’
There’s no resting in peace.

NaPoWriMo Day 8. Monolouge of a dead person.

Featured image by: Irina Iriser from Pexels

14 thoughts on “Rest In Peace?

  1. 😑😑😑
    Very well crafted Shreya .. ❤️ my mom is a cancer survivor n is going through some emotional roller coaster.. this poem somewhere pinched a bit 😣

      1. Yeah it’s emotionally draining ..the treatment, the life expectancy etc .. she’s ok or appears to be so. Its tough for us around ..

  2. Shreya how you tell you how versatile you’re as a writer.
    This poem is again so strong and how it instantly makes us connect to the characters and make us feel pity for their tragic end.

  3. Best Insurance
    A Dead Parent Will

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    With SMiles Shreya

    This Way A Dead

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