Warm Winters & Cold Summers


It’s the same roads we’ve driven,
More times than I can count,
The icy trails just add on,
To the warmth, I feel within,
I felt so safe sipping my coffee,
With you right by my side,
Always smiling, yet so cautious,
Ah! I felt the warmest…
On winter drives with you.

But fate played such a twist,
For on the same roads that we drove,
You were snatched right before my eyes,
Now, the roads are forever red,
Stained in your blood,
And even the summer breeze,
Makes me feel cold,
Ah! I feel the chilliest…
On summers without you.

For NaPoWriMo Day 4

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27 thoughts on “Warm Winters & Cold Summers

  1. Treasure All Warmth

    Indeed Shreya For

    We Never Fully Know How
    Cold and Lonely Life May Still Come


    Warmth Kindle
    Flame of Love
    Within For a Force
    of Caring, Giving,
    Sharing Love For All..:)

    1. So true… We gotta treasure everything we’ve got. We never know what tomorrow holds. Hope your life is always filled with love, warmth, and happiness. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. One of your best little one. A sad story told with such emotional power and beautifully crafted. You could not add or take away a single word that would make this less than the perfection it is.

    1. Yesterday was such a crazy day. I almost didn’t write. This comment makes my late night effort so worth it. Thank you so much, Brad. You’ve made my day. You always do. ❤️

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