Not worth loving


Free-spirited soul, happy & glee,
What a beautiful lie she weaves!
Ambitions she has, that she chases,
But that’s just one of her phases.
Every moment, her colour changes,
She pretends to be perfect,
But in reality, she’s deranged,
Her insecurities run deep within,
She trusts no one, not even herself,
Her mind is a pool of negativity,
She’s filled with toxic insecurities,
So, she cuts herself to get rid of it.
And you say you love her,
Like she’s the light of your life,
But how can she light up anything,
When her insides are rotting?
How can she give you anything,
Besides headache and miseries?
Oh, darling, you fell in love,
With a girl not worth loving.

Featured image by: Uus Supendi from Pexels

26 thoughts on “Not worth loving

  1. A beautiful way to provide such great imagery as the speaker seems to be speaking out from behind the mask. Where fears are less scary in the recognized. And in all the pain she bears, at the end, her final lament is for the heart of another. Well written, little one!

  2. Oh, we all have our flaws. If people weren’t so obsessed with hiding their imperfections, relationships would have been much easier. Everyone’s worth loving.
    Great poem.

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