One pill, two pill, three pill, four pill,
For broken hearts, there are no pills
Yet I keep popping them in,
Hoping that they somehow heal,
Painkiller for broken hearts,
There should be something like that,
But as it hasn’t been invented,
I take the stuff that has been marketed,
Ibruprofen, morphine, codeine,
Do some magic, please heal me.
Five pill, six pill, seven pill, eight pill,
I know I should really stop it!
Yet I continue swallowing them,
My need, I can’t tame,
It’s risky, and I know it,
I’m trying to stay in limit.
Nine pill, ten pill, forget counting,
Oh yes, I keep swallowing.
If these pills can’t heal me,
Can they at least kill me?


Featured image by: freestocks.org from Pexels

61 thoughts on “Pills

  1. ❤️….well written….I know it’s a fantasy poem….but kinda scary if someone does it this way….coz pills can’t heal at all….there’s only one pill for that….the heart

  2. As usual, you capture the torrent of emotions in such lovely words. I find this so relatable, as we have all had times when we just wanted the pain to stop. Well written, Shreya!

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