Just one sad poem

In this world of heartbreaks and pain,
I find solace in your poems,
Filled with love, so pure,
Devotion, that seems unreal,
It’s in your words, I lay my hook,
Tell myself, “Life can be a beautiful book.”
Oh man, your words shake my core,
Heal my heart, when it’s sore,
While the world is filled with brutality,
Your words protect me from insanity.
As I read your poems, and re-read them,
I tell myself, “Not all stories are the same.”
I kinda started to believe,
That true love do exist.
But now there’re tears in my eyes,
As my heart slowly breaks,
I read all the Nicholas Sparks books,
None got to me like,
A sad poem by you.

Inspiration: i ask you, oh tell me, what is a love, without sacrifice?

Hey, man! You alright?

Featured image by: andreas160578 from Pixabay

50 thoughts on “Just one sad poem

      1. katiemiafrederick says:

        SMiles Shreya Just out
        Of Respect for You
        To Be Clear the
        Dear of
        Me is
        The Old
        Dude in
        The Avatar
        And Not the
        Pretty Woman…
        True i look more
        Like Law Enforcement
        Or Military on
        The Outside
        And my
        Wife Looks
        Like She Would
        Do 8.4 Million
        Words of
        Free Verse
        Miles of Free style
        Public Ballet/Martial
        Arts Dance in the Same
        Last 84 Months More
        Than me But
        HAha She
        Look Like
        She fixes
        Home as
        Ways anyway
        Hearts And Love
        To You Dear as
        i am
        60 Years
        Old enough
        To Be a
        too hehe..😊🙌

        Liked by 3 people

  1. Untold Stories says:

    Wow Shreya, this is extremely beautiful and touching. Especially how you ended it saying you now read Nicholas Spark books, but nothing got you like your lover’s poem.
    Ah, I so loved it.
    How it’s said it gives you solace.

    Very well crafted!

    Liked by 1 person

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