Just one sad poem


In this world of heartbreaks and pain,
I find solace in your poems,
Filled with love, so pure,
Devotion, that seems unreal,
It’s in your words, I lay my hook,
Tell myself, “Life can be a beautiful book.”
Oh man, your words shake my core,
Heal my heart, when it’s sore,
While the world is filled with brutality,
Your words protect me from insanity.
As I read your poems, and re-read them,
I tell myself, “Not all stories are the same.”
I kinda started to believe,
That true love do exist.
But now there’re tears in my eyes,
As my heart slowly breaks,
I read all the Nicholas Sparks books,
None got to me like,
A sad poem by you.

Inspiration: i ask you, oh tell me, what is a love, without sacrifice?

Hey, man! You alright?

Featured image by: andreas160578 from Pixabay

50 thoughts on “Just one sad poem

  1. True Love Thorns Enduring
    Flowers Feeding Watering
    Cherishing Wilting 🥀
    in Patience For Rose 🌹
    To Rise More Colorful
    Than Ever Before
    Love SMiLeS AGAiN😊

      1. SMiles Shreya Just out
        Of Respect for You
        To Be Clear the
        Dear of
        Me is
        The Old
        Dude in
        The Avatar
        And Not the
        Pretty Woman…
        True i look more
        Like Law Enforcement
        Or Military on
        The Outside
        And my
        Wife Looks
        Like She Would
        Do 8.4 Million
        Words of
        Free Verse
        Miles of Free style
        Public Ballet/Martial
        Arts Dance in the Same
        Last 84 Months More
        Than me But
        HAha She
        Look Like
        She fixes
        Home as
        Ways anyway
        Hearts And Love
        To You Dear as
        i am
        60 Years
        Old enough
        To Be a
        too hehe..😊🙌

    1. They are amazing!! His blog is my go to place to happy giddy lovey dovey feeling. But his sad poem… Well, my heart breaks for him. I hope he’s okay. He’s not the kind of person who writes sad stuff.

  2. Wow Shreya, this is extremely beautiful and touching. Especially how you ended it saying you now read Nicholas Spark books, but nothing got you like your lover’s poem.
    Ah, I so loved it.
    How it’s said it gives you solace.

    Very well crafted!

      1. Oops I didn’t mean that, I was talking about character in the poem, I just saw you as a protagonist..
        I didn’t mean saying your lover, I meant saying protagonist’s lover.

        I am sorry for the confusion*

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