Tears in my eyes


Tears in my eyes,
Those exquisite drops,
Each with its own story,
Like shiny white pearls,
From the deep blue sea.

As a menace attacks my soul,
Or breaks my heart in two,
Grief and sorrows all piled up,
Creates one glimmering drop,
Just ready to fall.

Laced with emotions so intense,
A harrowing burden in my chest,
And pain that’s almost physical,
Encapsulated in a little ball,
My tiny exquisite drop.

While I treasure them all,
Every single little drop,
I pray that they fall,
And unburden my heart,
From the weight it holds.

Featured image by: cromaconceptovisual from Pixabay

46 thoughts on “Tears in my eyes

  1. That is what tears are supposed to do… Well worded! The trouble is that one tear only carries it’s own weight; all too often an ocean of tears us needed.

  2. So beautiful Shreya and they fall into a beautiful river to take your pain away while you float in peace and joy!!! Hope you don’t mind me finishing the story❀️❣️ So heartfelt.

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