Kid-life Crisis


Homeworks to do,
Puzzles to solve,
Toys to be put back,
Drawings to colour…

Then comes the ugly green veggies,
That mommy insists I must eat.
Oh, please, mommy, for just one day,
Can I have ice cream instead?

Tell me my favourite story,
As you tuck me to bed,
Please make sure to check,
There’re no monsters underneath.

These seem like little things,
But it’s too hard to process,
I’m just a child age six,
This is my kind of stress.

But do you know?
There are kids younger than me,
Carrying luggage, breaking rocks,
Their childhood, snatched by poverty

A Tiny Request:
Bangladeshi Photojournalist, GMB Akash has been taking an initiative to help people around by providing them with education, helping them set up a small business, and more. I’m sure there are more amazing people like him trying to make a difference, promote them, donate if you can. 

Most of my poetry this month will revolve around his photostories. 

Checkout his blog:
To donate:
For his books, biographies and more:

Featured image by: Victoria Borodinova from Pexels

24 thoughts on “Kid-life Crisis

    1. It’s so saddening to see kids so young work. But if they don’t work, they don’t get food. If only there were proper plans to eradicate poverty, and give a beautiful childhood to every kid. 💔💔💔

      1. I completely agree, so much wealth in the world so little distribution of it.

        It also makes us realise that our day to day problems are not really that much when compared to others. This sort of poem gives us all a well needed reality check.

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