Muddy Fate


Wash your hands before you eat,
Use soap, so that the germs are killed,
Not touching food with a muddy hand,
It’s such a basic thing to

The taste of mud in your food,
That’s definitely not good.
And it’s so very eww,
Not to eat mud, we all know.

But what can one do,
When muddy is all you taste,
Muddy is all your breathe,
Covered in mud all day

“Stay away from mud”, we could say,
But we really have no clue.
What people have to go through,
For a morsel of food.

A Tiny Request:
Bangladeshi Photojournalist, GMB Akash has been taking an initiative to help people around by providing them with education, helping them set up a small business, and more. I’m sure there are more amazing people like him trying to make a difference, promote them, donate if you can. 

Most of my poetry this month will revolve around his photostories. 

Checkout his blog:
To donate:
For his books, biographies and more:

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