Little kid in the dusty street


Oh, look at this cute little guy,
Doesn’t he take you by surprise?
Or does he strike a feeling of horror,
Make you wonder, where did his mom go?

How heartless must the mother be,
Leaving her kid on a dusty street,
Tying him to a rusty old truck,
As he plays amidst piles of dust?

It’s so simple for you and I,
So easily we hate, we judge.
Do you know where his mother is?
Do you know the reality?

The little guy is mentally challenged,
But that’s not the reason he’s tied.
His mommy is trying to keep him safe,
As she goes and earns them bread.

A single mother with no one to rely on,
Carrying bricks all day long,
She has a duty on her shoulder,
She has to stay strong for her son.

A Tiny Request:
Bangladeshi Photojournalist, GMB Akash has been taking an initiative to help people around by providing them with education, helping them set up a small business, and more. I’m sure there are more amazing people like him trying to make a difference, promote them, donate if you can. 

Most of my poetry this month will revolve around his photostories. 

Checkout his blog:
To donate:
For his books, biographies and more:

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