How Are You?


To be honest, I’m not fine.
I wish I could get some wine,
Forget everything that’s going wrong,
As I listen to some sad songs.

Is this the answer you can digest?
A little time, can you invest?
Tell me that it will all be okay,
Listen to all that I have to say.

Hug me tight and warm,
Make me forget problems that swarm,
Let me shed a river of tears,
Let me pour out all my fears.

But this isn’t what you want to hear,
‘Cause, frankly speaking, nobody cares.
I was okay until you asked me,
How I really am? I was forgetting it.

But damn, you and your courtesy,
Saying things you never mean.
Can you just quietly walk away?
“I’m fine.” Why do you need me to say?

Featured image by: Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

68 thoughts on “How Are You?

      1. I am doing fine. I just got back on WP after months. Hope you are good too and not in a state that your poem is talking about. 🙂

  1. Very true!
    There are a lot of times when people just say it for the sake of saying but they don’t actually mean it.
    And we too sometimes Overthink before pouring ourselves out…. Some questions spiral our mind… As to what will they think or whether they will understand or not
    Amazingly written📝

  2. My experience is people ask you this and if you dare say the truth, they struggle to handle it. They seem uncertain.

    The more we are all honest hopefully these things will be easier for people to accept and understand.

    A great poem 😊

    1. “I’m fine,” seems to be the standard answer no matter what one is going through. I hope we break out of common courtesy and ask only when we have time and patience to listen to and understand the person we’re talking to.
      And thank you so much, Stuart. So glad you liked it. 🤗🤗😘😘

      1. I say “I’m fine” all the time. If a say “actually I’m shit” I really can’t bear to hear the “oh” which seems to be the standard response followed by a long silence.

        I’m fine seems the easier option! 😊

  3. That was exactly like…
    Dil se dil tak, yk!!
    It went straight to the heart. Really.

    We don’t always mean what we say coz there is somewhere a hope that they will understand. And in reality, that hope is just a mistake.
    I loved it, Shreyaa.

  4. The reason, I’ve stopped saying “I’m fine”….there’s not a dime reality in that damned line….it’s like a reflex, where people want to hide….what’s the point of asking, if one never cared, things aren’t simply aligned….the formal phase of QA will one day surely die…..being honest & connected to the heart, will bring glow, that’ll shine….a few real friends than a 100 is better, it’s alright

  5. Over a certain IQ – and that number is actually surprisingly low – life becomes unbearable – I believe to be paraphrasing Ilja Leonard Pfeiffer in this, but it’s true. So anyone who says ‘I’m fine’, is either blatantly stupid, or lying. The flip side is – I already know you’re not fine. You’re a great poet, so somewhere you’re hurting. Art is emotional pain needing to get out, but not knowing another way out.

  6. This oddity is not reserved for only inquiries as to your well being. We learn early on that telling people what they are hoping to hear makes it easier on the person asking and allows them to avoid the awkward silence or ingenuine rote compassion. We say we are fine because we know they don’t really care about how we are. And I never feel this is dishonest. As far as casual acquaintance goes, all you need to know about my life is that I am fine. I save the details of my life for close friend who genuinely care. So beautifully captured within your words, little one! 💖😘

    1. It’s so true. There are a very few people who truly cares. Thank you so much, for always encouraging me and supporting me. Truly means a lot. 🤗🤗😘😘💗💗💝💝💝

  7. Love your write and you’re right to ponder these questions when caught within such a maelstrom of inner emotions. I relate well to them, as well to your responses, and in all fairness, some people do care, just unwilling to really invest of themselves, as you pointed out; maybe out of fear or remembering their own plight of sadness not wishing to return. I’ve learned, their asking me, as cynical as it seemed at the time, did have a positive impact over a bit of time. Still, I haven’t found what is looking for me.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thought on it. It’s true some people do care. But it’s not always easy to explain what one is good through, especially when it’s a short conversation when both the people are in hurry. 🤗🤗

      1. Agreed. Life tends to rush us along these days and impedes would be future friends/lovers. Maybe that’s why connections matter so much to me personally and my appreciation of those I have with others?

      1. I’m tired of everything going wrong. I had a really rough 2019, and I hadn’t recovered from that when the virus hit. I’m tired of not being able to do anything fun. I’m tired of having to spend hours and hours completely changing how I do things at my job; some of that time is paid, but not most of it, and everything I’d be spending the extra money on is shut down anyway. I can’t go outside because everything smells like smoke, and my bike chain is bent so it’s uncomfortable to ride sometimes, and it hurts to walk because of an old injury that never went away. I’m tired of everyone around me arguing and fighting about everything. I’m tired of the world not making sense.

  8. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻You know Shreya this piece of writing jus went through my heart! It’s so relatable!!!
    “How are you? “this line is reduced to a mere formality and same can be said for the answer.. In whatever state you are! And at times I feel that the togetherness feeling is nowhere to be found! There was a time when in school when students were shuffled and a new group is made.. At that time we used to cry for our friends.. And then some years later we move on so far to mere formalities.. That innocent connection snapped!

    1. Thank you so much, Ashee. So glad you liked it. Most of the times it’s just a meaningless formality. Something said not to seem rude. It’s just so deeply built in to our cultures that most of the time we just blurt it out without even meaning it. It’s so sad! 🥺🥺🥺

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