Hellos and byes – collab post.

It was just another lazy day, I was laying on my bed. My phone blinks, and so does my eyes. Lazily, I read an eye-watering post that Bharath wrote. Still heartbroken, I let him know I’m impressed. That’s when he asks me to add on. With a heart full of envy at his words written beautifully, I give it my best shot and add a few paras. I hope you like it.

Thank you, Bharath. Writing with you is always challenging and what comes out is always beautiful. I really really really really love writing with you.

22 thoughts on “Hellos and byes – collab post.

  1. Anushk@ says:

    Ahh!! This post….
    Shreyaaaaa….this post is amazing!!
    When Bharath posted this…I read it like twice thrice and now I’m reading this again and again. And that cotton candy part…chho cutee(in Shreya’s tone😍)

    You both are exceptionally wonderful🀩

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