A Happy Trance

I smile a bright dazzling smile,
“I’m so happy”, I lie.
I coat myself in the happy vibes,
And I am on cloud nine.

I do my jolly happy dance,
Dive deeper into my happy trance.
“Oh, I’m so happy,” I scream,
Happiness bubbling to the brim.

I sing cute nursery rhymes,
And I pretend to be a child.
As the pretty windchime chimes,
I jump in joy and smile wide.

And after a beautiful happy day,
On my cozy bed, I lay.
Slowly my energy seeps away,
And I’m embraced by reality.

With no power to hold on,
Shattered is my illusion.
I had no reason to be happy,
I did a great job fooling myself.

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Featured image by: Messan Edoh from Pixabay

96 thoughts on “A Happy Trance

      1. ashok says:

        Always a pleasure my friend. I have been good. Good has always been very kind to me 🙏 Thursdays are my days of silence and I keep away from social media too 😊

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Brad Osborne says:

    A beautiful tale of self-awareness and reality. Sometimes the mask is not meant to deceive, but to simply dissuade those who have no interest in what our reality is. We pretend to be what they think we should be because, even if we are comfortable with our true selves, others are not always so. A well written and thoughtful piece, Shreya!

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  2. Bryan Wagner says:

    Well said, i find that I have been socially and culturally conditioned to present myself in ways I told I should be. But it’s not true, I’m not always anything and live in transience. Thanks for this.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kaylen says:

    The surreal cover-up that we are for society is in no way fair for ourselves or others. By just pretending to be happy we are actually wearing ourselves down more. Plus nobody can help if they don’t know about it. Tho I do feel like a huge hypocrite for saying any of this….I believe we deserve to show our true feelings. Sending happy and positive vibes to you so you can make your own💗🌸😘

    Liked by 3 people

      1. The Eclectic Contrarian says:

        🙄 I’ll keep my distance lol!!!

        I’m here if you need to talk or whatever. I’m weird and I talk a lot. But I’m a decent listener.

        Liked by 1 person

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