Do Your Make-up, Girl

You don’t know how to put a lipstick?
I can’t even believe it!
I put a lipstick when I was six,
And eye shadow is an easy trick.

Put some make-up, girl,
Conceal your marks and your scars.
You look prettier, cladded like a doll,
Red lips, rosy cheeks kinda stuff.

But why?”, is what I wanna ask,
I feel comfortable without it.
And, why should I wear high heels?
When it’s flats that I love.

You like your make-up,
And I respect it.
Show your skill somewhere else
Not on my face, please.

What about that cute guy?
He really wanted to try.
You humiliated him so bad,
Oh dear, why do you do that?

Why is make up only for girls?
Why can’t boys try it too?
Take the gender out of it,
It’s for all who love it.

Featured image by:  Oleg Magni from Pexels

119 thoughts on “Do Your Make-up, Girl

  1. Kaylen says:

    True! I know so many boys that have worn eyeliner/ mascara and they got bullied so bad! Same with nail polish. I say rock it bc honestly why should society care. I’ve always said…’If you don’t like it don’t look’ and I believe everyone should be free to do/ express however they want to!

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      1. Kaylen says:

        Bc we are raised to think a certain way and people are too afraid to go against it. Fear causes us to fall into a pattern of what is acceptable so we think it is only okay to do what society says is okay. Even though we are society.

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      1. The Bold Girl says:

        I am not in favour of both. I love my flats but, if I’ve to wear heels then it’s should be something grand😂 I don’t prefer heels for longer duration.

        And make-up, I don’t like the painting of face.😂 I am fond of lipsticks though. That foundation, concealer, this that😣😣😣 how do people even put layers of cake!🤣

        Good for them if they’re a pro at it but, I’ve seen women with dual and triple skin tones. Face & neck shade doens’t match. Sometimes, face, neck and the rest of the body😂🤣

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  2. Kamya Seervi says:

    I don’t like make-up. Even putting moisturizer on my face is irritating for me. I can only put a lip gloss, if I like. I love wearing shoes and sneakers and being comfortable. I like having my look raw and fresh, because that is how I am.
    I loved this poem… breaking stereotypes…

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  3. Brad Osborne says:

    I love how you see the world, Shreya! Unsaddled by stereotypes and open to accept all. Your words are a breath of fresh air in a world stagnant with judgement and bias. I hope you words ring true with anyone who is finding who they are and owning it. Well written, little one! ❤💕🌹❣🥰😘❤

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    1. WildHeart says:

      I don’t know how do I ever thank you, Brad. When I feel down, all I have to do is read your comment and my mood is back to good. 🙈🙈🙈🤗😘😘😘♥️♥️♥️ All the support you keep showing me truly means a lot to me. ❤️❤️❤️

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        OH NO I’M SO SORRY! I accidentally typed another person’s name instead of yours cuz i was half asleep when i was commenting! SUPER SUPER SORRY! I Meant that AWESOME Shreya! Loved every bit of it!!!

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  4. H.R Phoenix, Author says:

    Hey Shreya!
    It’s Phoenix, from Penable, remember me?????
    I’m missing you a lot and I’m so super sorry that I haven’t been checking your blog, I’ve been soooo super busy!!!!
    How are you? How’s life????


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      1. The Eclectic Contrarian says:

        I lived an interesting life in my younger days. I wore makeup and pantyhose. It’s a bit of a long story but I can tell you I wasn’t cute lol! It’s definitely a woman’s territory.

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      2. The Eclectic Contrarian says:

        Because some people aren’t comfortable with the things I’ve done in my past. And some have said they were ok and it didn’t bother them and then I’d never hear from them again.

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