Too Busy


Too busy, too busy, too busy.”
How many times have we used this,
As our life turned hazy,
And the race took us in
How many friends have we lost,
Not due to a fight, just lost touch?
Faded bonds, irreplaceable memories,
No time for talks or well-meant pleasantries.

How many dreams have we crushed,
As to some other day, we pushed?
Cause life is just so damn busy,
To seize a moment for ourselves.

Now, that we have all the time,
We flush it down the drain.
“Too bored, too bored, too bored.”
All we do is complain.

Featured image by: Ekrulila from Pexels

110 thoughts on “Too Busy

      1. Sheltering in….. here in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Concerned about our political climate.
        Happy to have found your blog. Very inspiring!
        Be safe! Have a great day! 💙

  1. A beautiful reminder of how we see and use the time given to us. The questions you pose forces the reader to consider their own choices and situation. But more importantly, it reminds us that we are bound to the choices we make. Loved everything about this poem! ❤😘

    1. Thank you so much, Brad. So so so so very glad that you loved it! 🤗🤗♥️♥️♥️😘😘😘💓💓💓💕💕😍😍😍😍

      1. Haha… I do that too, especially when WordPress mess up the notification system. I said late cause I read your comment and didn’t reply. Was super caught up with so many stuff. 😂

      1. That fun and also evil!
        Evil only because in my case, I happen to be the person who gets to hear the complaining, hahahh. Not complaining 😜😜, just! 😜😜

      2. Haha… That friend must be super lucky to have you. 😂😂😂 I absolutely adore my friends, especially the ones who I keep awake all night long, just so that I can rant about not getting sleep. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      3. And I can feel the pain your friends go though for keeping them awake only to hear you rant, hahahh.
        1 quick question, why don’t you decide to just sleep for a change?

      4. I did. Today I slept before 11 at night. Somehow I woke up at 1 30. Now, I don’t wanna wake my friend, so here I am telling about it to you. 😂😂😂😂

      5. As a matter of fact, no
        Binge-watching Vikings, and then later regret (or rather rant about it to my friends, haha) about not studying

      6. Hahahh yes, Skol (as they say in Vikings for cheers!)
        Now I’m feeling a bit sad and thinking of studying for a while (so that the entire night doesn’t go complete waste)

      7. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Try studying, then all sort of thoughts not related to studying will come, then sleep will also come… But I wish you luck. Skol!

      8. Wise words from an experienced procrastinator!
        I know I know, they’ve already started hitting me, and sleep is also on its way, but my battle for convincing my own self that I can do it has began, and hopefully I shall win (said by me almost everynight.. Ugh)
        Trying to focus on that fact that I’ve to study moreover the struggle of keeping awake the whole night..

      9. Think about what happens next in the series, and your sleep will go poof!! Haha… Seriously, get some coffee and study. I’m sure you wouldn’t study during the day. Really really wish you luck. ♥️♥️♥️

      10. Thinking about what happens next in the series, I might as well sit and watch😂
        Coffee, has never worked for me as a sleep depriver, also, I love plain black coffee without sugar and can fall asleep immediately after drinking it..
        Daytime studying is actually impossible, lot of distractions plus I’ve got work from home too!
        Thanks for the luck, it’s the need of the hour!

      11. I salute you man. Work and studies, how do you manage??? I quit the job I love to study and now I only freelance… But honestly, now I don’t actually do anything, neither work properly nor study 😂😂😂 wow!! You’re amazing!

      12. Hahah thanks, if I could actually study, I’d term myself amazing too!
        Work gets going properly and studies are neglected. And although I post only on Mondays, I’ve been facing difficulties to get time to write, finish the book I started, watch my series and do the other work I love to do..
        So i guess, amazing would be an overestimation for me. But thanks you thought I was so

      13. Reading a book..I read a lot of self help books and autobiographies of self made people, just to ignite some fire. I’m currently reading A 4 hour workweek by Tim Ferriss.
        Although I’ve been wanting to write a book too, but haven’t really started writing 😰

      14. Wow!!! I really should start reading non-fiction … 😂😂😂 And I really would love to read your book. When are you publishing it?? 😜😉 Start writing it soon. 😍😍😍

      15. Hehehh thanks, the soon will probably won’t come for another 2 years I suppose and I need to publish my thesis before I publish my book, hahhha!

      1. Pleasure, dear.😍
        The lockdown is going on perhaps to end one day and I am going on perhaps to start doing some work some day!😂😛

      2. I am jealous to hear that😂😛.
        Are u working or studying?
        Well, I have one exam in July so kinda courting upon the last days so that I can make my mind to open the Books.😃🤕

      3. Nope. I’m a mass communication graduate. I really want to do my masters in English literature, but I’m in love with advertising too. 😂😂😂😂

      4. Ohh! I didn’t expect you to be a mass comm student( no offence intended😛) . Readers will be in love with your writing that u gonna do for the product more than the latter.😂😂
        U can do masters in English without being a graduate for the same?🤔

      5. How alike are we!😂
        Maybe… u can hold on with mass com as a profession and English as your passion.
        Well, what we plan for doesn’t always come true,so we gotta count upon the tricks of time, too!!
        (Ik, it’s easier said than done)😝😜
        And then, life is uncertain,we know that😃😃👻.

  2. You are right friend…. In my case, My friends are in India and I am in America…. Time difference is a big problem…. When I make time to talk with them, they will be busy or sleepy…. 😔

    1. Thank you so so so much, Rashmi! So glad you liked it. 🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘♥️♥️♥️ How’s the lockdown treating you?

  3. The last line is always come in our life, no time to not complain. Even our life is better, we still complain, all of aspects were perfect, but we still complain again. The era was change, we live in a place where people never satisfied, till they forget to take a rest for a moment. Your poem so deep, thanks for reveale it better. I hope we can more respect our time with our beloved person 👍🤗 great poem 😊❤❤

  4. How’s it goin’?
    I’m sorry to hear that.
    Sorry? Why?
    Because you’re not in control of your Life?
    No, I’m just busy.
    Your still not in control. You have no free time.
    and now, what they say next, will likely tell the reason behind the story. They might say:
    1. But I LIKE being busy.
    Really? I cant help wondering: what are they avoiding, or distracting themselves from?—OR—they stay busy because they, sadly, dont know how to “play” and have fun. They really dont know what else to do with themselves.
    2. But I’m…..Productive. I get things done.
    That may be, but I’m betting half of them don’t really need to be done at all, or at least not with one-quarter ofany uregency they might feel about it.
    In 90% of the cases, ypou could probably boil it down to one of those two things, or both.
    But, for all of their busyness…..where is the JOY??
    Where is the: Yeeaaaaaah Baaabbyy! enthusiastic ZEST in Life? How often do they smile BIG, or laugh? Probably too busy…….

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