I know you from somewhere
You are someone I used to care
We both were a great pair
I always knew you were there
What we had was rare !!

Then I realized you have an affair
You thought I was okay to share
I couldn’t believe you could dare
Now all my eyes could do is tear!!


Thank you so much WildHeart for the space and trust you have given me!!

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43 thoughts on “Somewhere

  1. WildHeart says:

    Thank you so much Anurika! You’ve been an amazing friend with a damn good choice of book and even great choice of words. The time and effort you put writing this beautiful piece for WildScareCrazy means a lot to me. Cheers to blogging together! I look forward to more. Loads of love!!

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    1. Anurika says:

      You always make me speechless!!
      I don’t know you personally, but I can say that you are a beautiful person inside and out.
      Thank you so much for this opportunity, this means so much to me and my blog ‘words to stories’. Deeply appreciate the trust and such kind words. Indeed cheers for Blogging together!! And looking forward for much more fun.β£οΈπŸ’œ Stay blessed and have fun.

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    1. Anurika says:

      I couldn’t ignore the last, because if you love someone and he/she cheats you, it’s breaks your heart. You want it or not!!
      Thank you for the appreciation ☺️


  2. ariyachan says:

    It’s a sad story, can not avoid when person who beloved suddenly have a hide affair in back. You reveal the poem with the great picture. That’s emotional πŸ‘β€

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  3. Navin says:

    Anurika, what a great lines you’ve shared on Shreya’s space….unfortunately, this is the story of several loving pairs….one of them left behind with a broken heart in despair….cheated with cheapness, that burns the heart into flames….hard to fix the hurt, but it’s not impossible to be repaired….the cheater’s loss in the end, but from this point, there’s no turning back…karma is soundless, but it’ll hit back the cheater with great impact

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