Trash Comments

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Isn’t it super-duper easy,
To hide behind your device,
As your use a pseudonym,
Fear giving out your name,
Or reveal your true face?

Passing random comments,
To random people,
Who are living their life,
Cause you don’t have your own.
Isn’t it super-duper easy?

Does it make you feel cool?
Or that you are superior?
Who do you think you are?
Will I be scared of you?
Nay, you’re just cowardly fool.

Hey guys, How do you deal with trash commenters? Your inputs would mean a lot to me.

151 thoughts on “Trash Comments

  1. Had I been in your place, I would try ignoring the person. I know it’s kinda lame but sometimes this is the best way to go. This back and forth is good, if it is done in a healthy spirit but if someone is trying to dissuade you or your work, don’t stoop to his/her level, to know the real worth of your work.

    1. Thank you so much Kritika! Did you read the comments?? Why would a person randomly attack another person?? It’s just such a mean and stupid thing to do.

      1. No, i did not. I gather that much from your post and the question at the bottom. Yes, I agree, it is mean thing to disregard somebody’ work. Take that person as somebody who is upset over something and don’t know how to deal with it. I will read the comments now and will get back to you, if there is anything with me to say to you. and cheer up!

      2. Thank you so much Kritika! Don’t worry I’m not upset or anything. I wouldn’t let a jobless person like that spoil my mood. 😂🤗🤗💖❤️❤️

      3. Thank you so so so very much for putting in your time and effort. You’re such a wonderful person. ❤️❣️💖💕

  2. You can mark it as spam, the next time onwards the comment would be put in moderation and it won’t appear on posts anymore. It will stay in spam or in awaiting approval. Take care. Keep blogging 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Kalyan. I definitely think I should take down all the comments and mark them as spam. But for now I’m gonna let it be so that people can see what I’m talking about. Your input is highly appreciated. I’ll be taking them down soon. Also, this is how I’ll deal with trash comments from now on. 🤗🤗💕💖

  3. Well, you can flag the comments as spam and they will go to your trash automatically. If they are following your blog, and I’m sorry I don’t remember how you will have to Google it, you can remove them from your list of followers so they don’t get any notifications. I had to do that once or twice. Of course, they can come at you with another identity. I know it sucks, but you’re limited to what you can do. I flag the comments as spam & hope they will eventually grow tired of it, which is probably your best option unless you want to privatize your blog and limit your followers altogether. I have never done that because it kind of defeats the purpose of having a blog, though I know people who have. I, on the other hand, would rather people be able to read my posts. It’s kind of like the nature of the beast, you have to take the good with the bad if you want to have a popular blog. But therein lies the fate of being popular.

    But if you give me their address–I will break their fingers for you.


    1. Thank you so much Charles. Also, you don’t have to break their fingers for me. I’ll soon mark it spam. And, the person is wasting their own time. Cause, well, I got a nice topic to write a poem on. And I’ll soon delete the comments and continue doing what I do. On the other hand, trash commenting and wasting their time is all they can do for all their lives. Thank you so much Charles. Much love. 🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️

      1. Of course dear. I <3 you.

        I rather enjoy hecklers. I know I'm a far better writer than they they are and enjoy feeding them their ass.


        I used to be a foreman on a construction crew for years and I have zero tolerance for idiots.

      2. Haha… Thank you so so so very much! It’s amazing how people have time for stuff like this. 😂🤗🤗💕💕❤️❣️ Anyways, let’s forget about it and go on with our beautiful lives. 🤪🤗💕💕😘😘 Thank you so very much dear. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. I have been dealing with this problem for two years and a half. My advice is do not engage. Please do not reply. Eventually that person will go away. Moderate your comments.

      1. My pleasure. Seriously it is hard not to engage. But in my opinion is the best way to go. For me it got so bad that I had to ask the opinion of a professional. However there are plenty of article on internet that will tell you the same thing. 💕🌸

      2. I’ll be taking the entire set of trash comments tomorrow morning. Thank you so much for your time and advice. You’re awesome! ❤️❤️❣️

    1. Hope so. But for today, I’m gonna let it be. Let all the people who read this also see it and know what I meant. Tomorrow morning I’ll take down all the trash comments. 💖💕 Thank you so much for your input. ❣️

  5. Don’t bother about these people… As others said spam them or delete their comments.. Next time it will ask for approval, don’t approve it.. It will never appear in comments.. Coincidentally, I faced one such element today.. It really spoils your mood.. But simply don’t bother n never react!

    1. Thank you so much dear! Also, don’t let it spoil your mood. You’re awesome and they are not. Be smug about it and have fun! Much love. ❤️❤️❤️

  6. I went through the thread you mentioned and I am really sorry you are taking this so seriously and had to go through that. What that person is doing is utter nonsense, not worth your time or your attention, not in the least. Don’t be empathetic for such people, don’t try to find sense, just neglect them. Take care, always. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much dear. At first I thought it was a prank, a friendly prank that’ll end with gotcha and he’ll disappear. He’s so stubborn. I’ll delete all the comments and mark him as spam. 😬❣️

  7. I would suggest you to just ignore them and don’t react to them and yes , do on your comment moderation , they will not appear without your approval . This world is like that , people do these kind of thing, with good there comes the bad too, don’t spoil your mood , let people say what they say and you keep on doing your work ,it is always difficult to understand why people spread hatred. Just ignore and keep smiling 💙

    1. Thank you so much Era. I wouldn’t spoil my mood for it. I found it rather amusing, why would a person spend so much time and effort to trash comment. It’s like if I delete, all his efforts are gone. If I don’t, it’ll help my post rank better because of the higher number of comments. It’s win win for me. And lose lose for him. 🤪😂😂🤗🤗💕 Much love to you! Thank you so much for you awesome advice. ❤️❤️❤️

  8. That’s bizarre. I’ve seen a few posts about online people and they come off (to me) as incels.
    That was bizarre and creepy with no positive angle where any of it makes sense.
    Sorry, but I’m reading its common.

    1. I hope you’re not spoiling your mood over it. Cause we’re better than those trash commenters. Cheers to us. It’s okay to be a little smug about being good. 🤪😂😂🥂🥂😇🤗🤗💖💖

      1. I don’t have any problems with it other than random weird likes or comments just to get me to check out other people stuff. Typically harmless, but annoying if they’re being spammy where you know they’re not even checking your stuff out.
        It’s not harmful.

        However. Stuff like that can be harmful because it makes comment threads (which should be fun and expanding on ideas with people you’ll never meet) uncomfortable because you have to wonder who you’re talking to.

        You dealt with it amazingly well, and it did feel like a “gotcha”, but it dove too deep into creepy claiming they’re always hovering over you in real life while you’re unaware.

        That makes me think it’s an incel. 😂
        They troll to scare people online offline.

      2. They try to make others feel as miserable as they are. Or try to get joy out of other people’s misery. What we can do is enjoy our life and not care about them. 🙈🙈🤗🤗😘😘💕💕💖❤️

      3. I glanced at their page and it’s pretty doom and gloom. Which is fine.
        More often people who are like that are shockingly pleasant in real life and just expressing sad emotions.

        If you don’t actually KNOW this person my only assumption is (beyond just a troll) is they took some personal offense relating you to others choosing to bulk everyone together which is a bit alarming.

        But, I noticed others comment the way to handle it by marking as spam etc…

      4. The guy did the same to some other people too. Idk, what joy that person is getting from this. Anyways, I did mark it spam and I’m not getting anymore comments. So I guess that’s nice. 😬 Thank you so so so much! ❤️

      5. Was there any kind of general profile with who they target?
        Just poets? Women? I’m curious because other blogs sound like incels. 😂

      6. The other person he targeted is a guy. So I guess poets irrespective of gender. Or maybe just any random person. 🤪😂😂

      7. Weird. 😂 at least you know the comments about stalking are a troll unless they’re multi dimensional.

        Maybe that’s how they chose to promote their blog to get traffic. Or there’s a alcohol/drug binge going on. 😂

        Getting upset over cute poetry is a thing I guess.. 🤷‍♂️

      8. It’s good you were able to create one that quickly from that experience. I’ll take you weren’t flustered by it.

        I think you just deal with stuff like that by however you are. Some people enjoy a confrontation like that especially if it doesn’t seem real.
        That is true though, it’s easy to hide behind a name feeling emboldened to behave that way.
        Plus, you’re exactly right. It’s just about trying to make you feel as infuriatingly frustrated as they are for who-knows-what reason.
        I’m glad it’s not seeming to bother you other than just seeming bored with wearing them out.

      9. Trolls, trash comments and hate are something we all have read so much about. Everyday there’s a new incident reported. With the amount of haters in the world, people speaking against them has also increased. While everything is happening, although I never thought someone would spam me with hate comments, I knew getting upset about it would do no good. Cheers to being our happy selves. Thank you so much for all your support and awesome advice. You’re amazing! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

      10. You’re welcome and thanks for the conversation.
        A small part of me thinks it’s a joke and their sense of comedy is bad.

        Whatever, life goes on. It was nice talking to you.

      11. It was nice talking to you too. Have a beautiful day. Thank you so much for your support. Much love. 🤗🤗💕💕💖❤️

  9. I agree with the others. It’s best to mark as spam. You can then control the comments. I’ve had to do this once or twice for individuals.

    I struggle to understand what enjoyment some get from this sort of nonsense……..

    1. Thank you so much Stuart. I did mark a few of the comments spam. Hopefully he’ll be gone. 💖💕❤️ I hope they don’t bother you. 🤗🤗💕

      1. Thank you, I think I might be less tolerant than you and mark as spam quickly….life is too short for this sh@t… excuse my language! 😊

  10. Ignore….that’s it!
    Such people feed (/ get their adrenalin kick) on attention….the moment you ignore, the same moment, they dissolve.

    Life is precious❤️🤗😘

  11. I am only adding this as I see no one mentioned it. If you go to the administration page of your comments, on each comment there is a button in the upper right hand corner labeled “User Info”. IF you click on that, you have the option to block the user completely. No more comments on anything on your blog. Best of luck!

  12. I literally just had the same thing happen to me overnight, the comments are written in such an absurd manner I can’t even understand what they’re saying half the time. I have my comment moderating settings on so as long as I don’t approve it, no one will see

  13. I wouldn’t really pay attention to anyone mean?

    I have not had that experience thankfully. (Nor do I want to) But I don’t think I would say anything at all …

    They may have their opinion or their voice … if the have a problem they don’t have to read. Don’t like it, don’t read it.

    You have those who love your posts – take opinions with grain of salt – read them, take any perspective – it can aid you… but don’t take personally – no one knows your shoes ✌️

    Sometimes people be people – sometimes they be trolls … whatever

  14. After years of blogging and getting a variety of ill and crazy people attempting to torment me, there are different ways to go about things.
    In my opinion, even without a clear and easy block feature, WordPress sites offers the best protective measures so these strange ones do not infect your blog posts. Moderate comments. If you do that you control each thing that shows up and if their idiocy is not publicized then there’s no reason for them to do it.
    Keep doing what you do 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your awesome advice. Haters gonna hate, hate, hate and we’re gonna rock, rock, rock. Cheers! 🥂🥂🤗💕💕

  15. hi hon. I am so sorry. Send the comments to spam. dont engage. I wouldnt. Its not worth it. they are awful to do that to you. just spam the comments. its the best way to deal with it. or you can block their IP in settings, discussion, their ip is on the email if you get email notifications.

      1. Not at all, so many people are so kind and I never hardly get any spam comments only okay Asian early so I’m not too bothered at all by them 🥰

  16. Ignoring them is much better. The more you reply, the more they comment. You can mark the comment as spam. You been add the person’s mail or name in the filters so that their comments will always be held for moderation.

  17. Mark the comment as spasm Shreya..this is what I do. No need to bother yourself for these people.

    And the poem🔥on lit.

  18. I’ve actually had one calling me bullshit and my blog bullshit.
    Truth is, I really don’t know how someone would openly attack someone for no reason.
    I just reported his comments and I think he has been blacklisted. I don’t like negative energy rubbing off on me.

    1. I feel the same way. Why do people do that?? It’s so mean and sad. Anyways, I like your blog, especially the Haiku – Hope. 😍😍😍 You’re awesome! Continue being awesome! 💕💕💕

  19. I think ignoring and marking them as a spam would work though I never found any hate comments checked your recent posts but anyways don’t let it take a toll on your mood and spoil your thinking your poems as well as you are an amazing and exceptionally talented person and this poem just shows that u can write on anything and everything btw it was wonderful my best wishes to u ☺️❤️
    Let the haters hate cause it’s their job🖤🖤

    1. Thank you so much dear. I spend an hour in the morning taking down all the trash comments. 🤪🤪 Didn’t want those vile stuff on the comments section. Thank you for your super sweet advice. 🤗🤗💖❤️💕😘😘

  20. Sadly it comes with the territory when you get popular. Something so good brings out the bad in people – jealousy. Block them, ignore them, throw tomatoes at them, and delete or not accept their stupid comments. That’s what I would do, but it seems to happen more to women than men, I think. You take care of you, wild heart. I’m with ya. 🤗😘

  21. Why don’t you write out about these people, and give them a taste of their own medicine, but then again it might only bring them more attention. I think the best thing is to carry on, and yeah that’s what most will say but I think that is actually the best way to deal with haters/ negetive comments. I mean the steeper a climb, the higher is the pull of gravity that’s gonna try bring you down, and it’s gonna be there no matter what. And the only way to reach the top is to keep moving. I think the same goes here too. And maybe writing about the support and love that you get from the other good subscribers might deter this person down. Afterall it’s all but a battle of endurance. The side that ensures the most will eventually win.
    All the best, hope it might be useful.👍

    1. I actually did what you said. I hadn’t removed the comments so that people can see it and know who the person is. Today morning I removed it all and blocked the person. I didn’t want vile stuff in my comments section. Thank you so so so much for your input. I hope you have a beautiful day. 🤗🤗💖💖💖

  22. It’s also very easy to delete an unnecessary and unpleasant comment. Simply go to My Sites/Comments and hit “Trash”. Of course you may well know that already in which case I apologise. 🙂 In 7 years I’ve only felt I needed to do it once, I think.

  23. Trash ’em, girl. Disapprove the comment, spam, delete from the followers. If they still stick around, the less you pay attention, the better. Creeps abound everywhere. Ignoring works wonders.

  24. Best to just Delete if you don’t like a comment or ignore and let there be both the appreciative and critical comments. It’s up to you to decide.

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