Story of Curd and Rice

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Curd and rice are my favorite things,
Oh! How I love both of them.

Curd is like an apology from the Gods,
For making milk taste so bland.
It’s silky-smooth texture,
Paired with sweet, milky-acidic taste,
Makes for a perfect treat.

I love it with Gulab jamoon,
And with fruits  even more.
Oh, how amazing is lassi!
Curd is indeed a boon.

Then comes the rice,
A carbohydrate paradise.
I need it every single day,
Paired with dal and curry.

I like it fried too,
And in my burrito.
I’m not a fan of Sushi,
But, rice makes it okay.

Then people get creative,
Mix the two together,
To create abomination of flavors.
Oh, how I hate curd rice!

Curd is a dessert, and rice a staple.
You don’t mix the two together.
It’s like whipped cream with pasta.
Would you like to try that?

For its awesome health benefits,
I do swallow it sometimes.
But people like to get more creative,
And mess it up even further.

Tadka and pomegranate to uplift it?
That’s like adding cereals and sprinkles,
To a mess of whipped cream and pasta.
Oh, why do people do that?!

Curd and rice are both my favorites,
But together, that’s an abomination!

All the lovers of Curd Rice, don’t hate me. Just click here!

93 thoughts on “Story of Curd and Rice

  1. Curd with Jamun 😝😝, felt like I got into a famous restaurant…😋 you are really 😤bad, watering everyone’s mouth😜 like that … don’t come up with so sweet post yar… 🌷❣️🌷

      1. Hahahaha…..🤣 I knew, I would get a reply to that as well. Now, a response would come for this too. Never ending cycle.🤣🤣

  2. I think back to your Far From Real poem and now I see what the Queen likes to snack on way up there in her tower. Fun! Maybe this could be inspiration for a poem of my own soon? Nice work!

    1. Haha Xavier, who doesn’t love a good snack? Thank you so much! Also, I love it when I can inspire you! 🤪🙈🥰😍🤗💕💖❤️❣️

    1. Thank you so much Shweta!!! I’m so glad to know that you’re not a fan of curd-rice. 🤪🤪 Finally, someone like me! 😬🤗🤗😘😘❤️💕

  3. This is insane Shreya 🤩
    You leave nothing…to write for. And this is to another level.
    Well cheers to all curd- rice lover😁
    And that line,
    Curd is like an apology from the Gods,
    For making milk taste so bland.

    Haha…you attacked 😂
    Amazing 🙌

    1. When my days are grey and there are tears in my eyes, as I battle problems of my own, sweet comment of yours lights me up. It’s no more grey as your comments are a rainbow. 🙈🙈🙈 🤪🤗🤗💕❣️

  4. I like it that your topic was on two of the least talked about food items. Maybe we can have a piece on karela next? Jokes apart an interesting piece to read.

    1. Thank you so much Pritish. I’d definitely like to write on Karela… And yea, I’d rather eat raw Karela than curd rice. 😝😂

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it Anish. 😍And it means a lot coming from you cause I really adore your poems.💖💖💖 I like having curd after I finish my rice. 🤪🤪🙈🙈🙈

      1. Thanks a lot Shreya 💓 appreciate it! You are one of the inspirations that keeps me going 😊😍..Curd after rice is good enough for me so we can still be friends 😁😉.lol.

      2. I would have atleast had to think of social distancing 😜 😂lol. your just too awesome to not be my friend!! ☺️

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