Dear Pogo

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Hello dear Pogo,
I still remember you,
Your tiny little eyes,
Squinting at me,
Stealing my soul.
Merely 45 days old,
You fit in my palm.
I brought you home,
You were my baby,
Oh! How love you.
You cried in your box,
So, I put you on my chest,
You snuggled peacefully,
I couldn’t sleep that night,
Afraid I’d squash you.
Feeding you milk,

Cleaning your poop,
Carrying you all day,
I passed out like a log,
With you on my chest.

Days went by soon,
You grew up to a big dog,
You learnt how to chew,
Destroyed my shoe,
Such a troublesome you!
You started rampant barking,
And sometimes even biting.
My fam, gave up on you,
You were my dearest baby,
But I couldn’t keep you.
Daddy found a new home,
For you to move to,
I cried for days,
Prayed you’re safe.
You okay there?
How’s your new family?
Do they treat you well?
Be a good dog dear.
I always miss you,
I’ll forever love you!

For NaPoWriMo Day 29.

Featured image by: Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

45 thoughts on “Dear Pogo

  1. So beautifully written a loving tale of you & your cute Pogo….the pets get very attached to the person(s)/ family as well….hoping Pogo is doing great….❤️

  2. Oh man, this is heartbreaking, sorry!

    “And sometimes even biting.
    My fam, gave up on you,
    You were my dearest baby”

    A similar thing happened with a family dog we had. Everybody else gave up on playing with him and walking him, even my parents, and my mum who’s had so many pets and is obsessed with animals! Me and Duke were both outcasts, and we had a good connection :). I wrote a poem about him once, too. Well, it was about some weird dreams which included him:


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