A Dreamer’s Ordeal

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There’s so many things to do
And so little time… 
Dreams to be achieved,
Records to be set,
Adventures to be seeked,
Parents to be made proud,
Dream house to be bought,
Gym to be hit,
Healthier life to be lead,
Fine literature to be read ,
Books to be written
Movies to be watched ,
Friends to be caught up with,
And on and on goes the list.

Yet nothing has been done… 
As day by day I grow older,
And lot more lazier,
Lot more demotivated,
And I see my life pass by,
As if it’s someone else’s.
I wake up tired,
Go to sleep tired
I live tired,
Each day stealing a part of me,
That I myself am unknown to.
Million of thoughts in my mind,
Not one I can comprehend. 

Then I try, I try, and I try
On and on again…
To get a grip of myself,
Only to find myself falling apart.
Pulled apart by millions of thoughts,
I try to empty my mind,
Only to drown in imagination again.
Yet again I kill a day.
Not an inch closer to my dream,
There goes the cycle of my life,
Trying to get control of myself. 

But then I see a glimmer of hope,
As I see myself rise again.
It matters not, how many times I fall apart,
I keep trying every single day,
Even when I’m beaten and battered,
I know I’ll rise again another day.
So I try, try and try,
Eyes on the goal,
Gripping myself together. 
Cause there’s so many things to do
And so little time…

Featured image by: Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

76 thoughts on “A Dreamer’s Ordeal

  1. Sharing… i relate to your thoughts. Keep writing. Life has a way of making sense in our words. Or perhaps you never align the stars. Regardless, keep singing! Love 💕

  2. Loved the wavelength of your poetry….it flowed so smooth and ended up well. Like a brook flowing through its course before being engulfed by the sea. Indeed happiness prevails in the end and if happiness is still missing, then……”fill in the blanks”……..
    I hope you got that! 🙂

      1. Lemme answer that in poetic way…
        freshly baked for you!!

        “We dream, We try
        And in the process
        Sometimes; we fail!
        Never doubt yourself
        Because in the end
        Happiness prevails!!
        And if happiness seems
        Standing miles apart!
        Don’t stop the efforts
        Never loose your heart!!

        Coz It’s not the end of the trip
        You’ll reach your goals….
        Just don’t loosen the grip!!!”

  3. I loved the whole idea behind the picture. You gave a voice to that picture. You wouldn’t have done it any better and at the same time it’s voice of the youth. We are all going through same thing .

    You truly justified it❣️❣️

  4. Be strong. You are strong. We are all faced right now with too much time on one hand and, on the other, none it seems for the things we used to take for granted. But the conclusion of the poem shows that you are someone who will succeed because you have youth and tenacity in abundance.

    1. Oops. I think I just liked my own comment! I meant to like yours. Cool blue sky today. Cannot complain. As you say, so much we could do…but where to start?

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