Iron-willed Dreamer

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A beautiful dream she chased,
Hindrance she faced.
With the world against her passion,
Raging tension.
Even with the blood-trickling punch,
She didn’t budge.
Towards her dreams, she took a lunge.
Determined, she never gave up,
Strong against every hiccup,
Hindrance she faced, raging tension, she didn’t budge.

My attempt at Ovillejo Poem. Inspiration? Brad, as always.

Featured image by: Ichad Windhiagiri from Pexels

89 thoughts on “Iron-willed Dreamer

    1. Thank you so much Harsh! Indeed, everyone need to be like her. I’m really very happy that you liked this. 🤗🤗😘😘❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕😘

      1. Oo, your flowers are prettier! ❤🌺🌹🌼 Sorry to cut out on you yesterday. It gets late here fast. Where in the world are you, wild one?

      2. Wow, that’s awesome! You’re the first person I have met from there. So lovely to meet you 😊 and chat and flirt and hug and …you know.. emojis say it all.. ❤😘😘 I’m from America, but I’m not too far from you now.

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