A Frog In The Well

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Far away there is the great sea,
With so many creatures unseen,
Life is a struggle there,
But you get the utmost freedom,
Don’t be a frog in the well
That’s what they say.

But why not?
Is the question I ask again and again.
Here’s my family and my friends,
Why leave it all for the great sea?
You keep talking about success,
But for me success is happiness.

Who knows me in the great sea?
Here, everybody loves me.
I’m happy in my little well.
But before you go,
Keep this in your mind,
Water isn’t always bluer on the other side.

For NaPoWriMo, Day 22. Inspired by two idioms, ‘Kuwa ko vyaguta,’ in Nepali which translates to ‘Frog in the well’. This phrase is also used in Japanese proverb 井の中の蛙大海を知らず . The other idiom is a very commonly used, ‘Grass isn’t always greener on the other side.’

Featured image by: Ronile from Pixabay

52 thoughts on “A Frog In The Well

  1. Well written, Shreya! I love the questioning of perceived benefits. Everyone can see a little bit of themselves in this, whether they chose the sea or the well, we have all had these choices and that is why it is so relatable. So proud of you and your writing!

  2. Your work allows people from so many different places, cultures and languages to understand your message. Even mostly unilingual me. Ok, I know a little French too. I remember your multicultural essence from the first time I read your poetry. I think everyone is stuck in some kind of well, and many are right now quite literally so. But you carry within you the wisdom and traditions of many languages and cultures and your youthful, creative energy is such an inspiration to so many at this time of global paralysis. Your theme is well chosen. You speak in tongues. You are awesome.

    1. You are just a wonderful person and your writing will only get better. Your family and friends are lucky to have you in their lives. Have a wonderful evening.

  3. Well Done You See……

    The frog lived down in a hole where there was all he had to live. One day, a softshelled turtle came by and told him about the sea. ‘The sea? Hah! It’s paradise in here. Nothing can be better than this well. Why don’t you come down and share my joy?’

    The turtle tried, and failed as the mouth of the well was too small. ‘Why don’t you go see the sea instead? During Yu the Great’s reign, there was flooding for nine out of ten years, yet the sea barely grew an inch. During Tang of Shang’s reign, droughts were experienced in seven out of eight years, yet the sea hardly shrank. Being unaffected by such disasters is the joy of living in the sea….’

    Moral: Some ignorant people know nothing aside from their own world.

    1. Thank you so much, dear. And I’m sorry I didn’t reply earlier. There has been some glitch with my WordPress notification. Your kind words are highly appreciated. Much love!

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