88 thoughts on “The Taste of Two Lovers | Poetry Collab with WildHeart

      1. I will have to look up red tea now. I have a lot of friends from Lebanon, but they only introduced me to Lebanese coffee!

      2. Oh thank you very much
        I really appreciate your kind words
        Our country is really beautiful
        It would be nice if you even pay it a visit
        It’s a good place to spend your vacation in

      1. Take some milk. Add a little water. Add tea leaves, sugar – more or less depends on you, ginger, mint. Then boil it for some time. Then filter it and you get yourself a nice cup of tea.

  1. The subject was fun and playful. The collaboration seemed seamless. I could not readily tell where one person started and the other left off. The longer length is still very readable and is common when two people are collaborating. You both did a great job on this piece! I am so proud of you, Shreya! ❀

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