Handmade Gifts

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Handmade gifts it said,
And I so wanted to fake,
An imaginary sweater,
Or a non-existent dessert.
My heart sank as I realized,
Nobody has ever put in that effort.
Handmade gifts? I never received,

Maybe I was never worth it.
Ever since I was a little kid,
I sat in the corner all alone,
Never really interacted,
Just observed the world around.

I’ve seen the efforts put,
And emotions that are poured,
Into each handmade gift,
None of which were made for me.
So, created this blog,
From depth of my loneliness.
A handmade gift for me,
Made by, oh so loving me!


For NaPoWriMo Day 20, handmade gifts.

Featured image by: cottonbro from Pexels

91 thoughts on “Handmade Gifts

  1. A wonderful poem steeped in longing and the desire for acceptance. A young heart that finds within itself the power to create the beauty and love it so deserves. A story that shows what is often sought without, lives within. Beautiful work! ❤😘🤗

    1. Thank you so much Brad. Sometimes I wonder, how do you always find perfect words to describe each my poems. You do it so beautifully. You words inspire me, encourage me and motivate me. Much love. ❤️

    1. Thanks a lot dear. I’m so glad you could relate to this. These days presence is replaces by presents and definitely not handmade ones. It’s kinda sad. 🤗💕

      1. Yes, I do agree. I find it disappointing, trading convenience to be pretentious in a material manner. Are not hand picked wild flowers worth more than store bought roses?

      2. And now an even worse trend is coming. Writing cheques instead of giving gifts. Where is the love and affection and thoughtfulness?? 💔💔

  2. Your words capture a beautiful sentiment of handmade gifts, in these times of huss and fuss we don’t see many of these. And I think everyone deserves someone who can put in that much effort to appreciate you with a handmade gift…

      1. Don’t make me choose… On Soft Skin, Come Closer, My Tonic, and more… Love them all. 🔥💕❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘

      2. Aw… you are just the sweetest!! 🥰🥰😘😘 Did you see Love’s Desperate Embrace? There’s a pic of me. Well, part of me anyway, haha.

      1. You are most welcome
        I actually had an idea today:
        I thought maybe I would suggest it to you
        Why don’t you do a Q & A post so that your followers can get to know you better ?

  3. This poem of yours has become my favorite…very beautifully written…about ones loneliness….the desire to be accepted as one is, in its purest form…you are for sure gifted….the way you express….the depths you reach…to connect. Much love, Shreya ❤️🤗

      1. You must always write….what you really like…from the heart, that’s full of light….Much love ❤️😘🤗

  4. I am sure glad you clarified that this is a work of fiction, I was mentally preparing to buy knitting supplies, a how to knit book, then hand knit for you a most special warm lap blanket, to keep you warm while reading in your favorite chair. Now though, luckily, I don’t also have to worry about all the first aid supplies I would undoubtably have to go through treating my stab wounds, (but clearly, your handmade gift would have been worth it). Thank you again for yet another wonderful post.

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