Ode To Ann M. Martin

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Words wouldn’t have been my friends,
If not for the stories you weaved.
Your books were my escapade,
And Baby-Sitters’ Club, my home.

When reality seemed so harsh,
And I had no one to turn to,
I had Kristy, Mary Anne & Claudia,
Standing by me through everything.

I’ve lived in your books,
More than in the real world.
You’re my role model.
You’re the reason I write.

For NaPoWriMo Day 14.

43 thoughts on “Ode To Ann M. Martin

  1. Aww. 🙂 I never read the Baby-Sitters’ Club books (I’m a guy, that probably has something to do with it). But I’ve been thinking a lot this week about the books I read as a child, because it was in the news the other day that Beverly Cleary turned 104 years old (she’s still alive), and I read most of the Ramona books and the Henry books as a kid. From what I’ve read of her as an adult, she was pretty groundbreaking when she started writing in the 1950s because she was writing about ordinary children living ordinary lives. A lot of my creative friends now write fantasy and stuff like that, because they can make the world whatever they want, but like Mrs. Cleary, I prefer to write about ordinary people because I can relate.

  2. I loved her books too. Claudia was always my favorite character! I read more Sweet Valley Twins than Babysitters Club growing up, but liked both a lot. It is amazing how our first book loves stay with us our whole lives!

      1. Aw, glad I could make you feel better. Did you like the old Babysitter’s Club movie? All I remember about it is that it featured the girl who played Alex Mack on Nickelodeon lol. I should really look it up and watch it again sometime! It has been so long!

      2. I read a few from that series. It’s just so blurry in my mind. Seems like it was a long long ago. When this lockdown is over, I’m gonna get those books. 😍😍

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