Bright Red Rhododendron

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She’s a bright red rhododendron,
Enjoying the warm summer sun,
On the steepest green hill.
Icy cold? She digests it!
Heat? She adores it!
She’s a bright red rhododendron.

Thorns shielding her,
The bright red alluring all,
She’s a danger, beware.

She’s a bright red rhododendron,
A prickly, not-so-delicate beauty,
The queen of the Himalayas.

For NaPoWriMo Day Eleven. Today it was about flowers, and I chose Rhododendron which signifies ‘Danger, Beware’. Fun fact, it’s also the national flower of Nepal.

Featured image by: George Sistonen from Pexels

60 thoughts on “Bright Red Rhododendron

  1. I actually didn’t know that about a rhododendron. (iI had to look it up) So I learned something. Nevertheless, very nicely done. Your imagery is spot on. <3

    1. Thank you so much Charles. I’m so glad you liked it. And the effort you put to look up Rhododendron, I appreciate it so so so much. Thank you so much ❤️

  2. “Floriography (language of flowers) is a means of cryptological communication through the use or arrangement of flowers.”

    “Armed with floral dictionaries, Victorians often exchanged small “talking bouquets””


  3. You never hesitate trying on to something new.. that’s really cool about you. The name of the flower is a bit difficult to pronounce. But yaa you did enlighten us that it is the national flower of your native land.
    Nice ♥️

  4. The colorful imagery and anamorphic properties you bestow on a flower read so beautifully in this poem. You allow your expression to flow seamlessly and it carries your readers to unexpected places. Well written, my friend!

    1. Thank you so much Brad. Your appreciation means so much to me. While I love writing, it’s your motivation that pushes me even more. Thank you so much! ❣️💕💕💕😘

      1. Awesome!! That’s such a beautiful city and I had plans to visit this November. I hope things get better and I get to see the beautiful mountains of Nepal 🙂

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