The Inhumane “Doctors”

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The doctors, the nurses, the police,
All fighting against this pandemic,
The heroes of 21st century,
Saving the humanity!

I salute you for your selfless deed,
For putting your own lives at risk,
For everything you are doing,
I respect you truly.

But there are some heartbreaking cases,
And so many doctors to blame,
Shrinking away from their duty,
Killing hapless patients mercilessly.

Oh yes, I agree, you are scared,
And you are allowed to be.
You were supposed to take precautions,
Not play a game of pass on!

Misdiagnosis, well that could happen,
You are humans, you may slip.
But diagnosis without a test,
What the heck is it??

To save those lives, you had all means to,
But you chose not to.
Humiliated the already tensed family,
You fucking killed humanity!

Don’t you dare call yourselves doctors,
You are not even humans,
But if still put on that tag proudly,
Well, fuck you doctors!

For NaPoRiMo Day Seven. A poem based on a news article. Give the following heart-wrenching incident a read.

The hospital told him the next day that he was infected with COVID-19 and used police force to throw him out. He visited other hospitals in Birgunj, but they declined to treat him as BNMCTH had told them about his health condition. So he was rushed to Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu, but it was too late. A COVID-19 test performed by TUTH on the man later turned out to be negative.

62 thoughts on “The Inhumane “Doctors”

      1. World is crazy!! It’s such a bad thing to do especially when they are risking their own lives. We live in a bad bad world!

    1. We live in such a contrasting world. While there are people risking their lives to save thousands, there are others who shy away from their duties, sell fake sanitizers and more… You take care and stay safe 💕

  1. As with any difficult situation, we will be exposed to both sides of society. We will find the selfless and giving heroes, and the incompetent and selfish assholes. As much as we must insure that the best of our society are recognized and applauded for their heroic deeds, the others must also be exposed and seen for their failings. It will be up to the investigative reporters to insure that these type of institutional failures are known, talked about, and acted upon. This is an exceptional post, Shreya! You have used an open form so beautifully. And you speak great truth, even if it is hard to hear. Stick to your convictions and always set your words free! Sending hope and love! ❤😘🤗💕

      1. Thanks and I hope the same for you as well. Such hard times will pass away & hopefully we’ll learn something ❤️💙

      1. I’m an optimistic person.. A believer who think God can be in any form to help His children.. This time maybe in the form of Doctors.

      2. Yep! But there are some dumb people who think doctors are Gods so they could bring back the dead, never make mistakes and bla bla. While it’s amazing to respect them, it’s important that we understand that they are humans. Negligence is definitely a big no no, but while they make a genuine mistake… I think people should understand that doctors are humans too. They are just amazing selfless people trying to do good and they do their best. Holding them accountable for things way out of their control is horrible.

      3. No one can understand this pain for I’ve lost someone very close to me.. My world.. Just because of the mistake of a doctor. If he could have done what he was supposed to do properly, I’d never lose that person. Though, I did.

        I didn’t take any grudge with me for him or any doctor fraternity. I respect them. Still. And I’ve seen cases in the times like these.. Where they’re far away from their homes and doing their job. Unconditionally. Is it for the money? Only money?

        Well, here comes the optimism again.. It’s the power of the Almighty who are blessing them to cure others and to give them lives.

        Imagine, if they sit at home like us. Will any God come to the earth and save us?

        Here’s why when I say Doctors are God for now because they’re retaining lives.

  2. you just yelled out everything in heart, I hope they just realize their blunder, repent and never do the same, their hands should go shiver before doing such

  3. There is always a group of people who is not truthful towards their job. They are just doing their job for money and status. This people belongs this category. Each profession has a service side wether it farmer, teacher or doctor. Money and fame are secondary. If we do this as service remaining things will come to us.

      1. But we can do our best for the development of society. I strongly believe that one person can change the society. You have done good thing that you highlighted this issue and rised your voice against it.

  4. There is good and bad in everything in the world. That’s not in ones control. I am not trying to defend anyone but there may be an angle to it.

  5. people sometimes, do get wronged due to arrogance and negligence in our profession. That stays a fact.
    However, The decisions of a Good Doctor will and always should prioritise the patient and nothing else. Visit my blog for certain stories from other sider of the picture.

  6. people sometimes, do get wronged due to arrogance and negligence in our profession. That stays a fact.
    However, decisions of a Good Doctor will and always should prioritise the patient and nothing else. Visit my blog to know certain stories from other side of picture.

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