A long road ahead

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There’s a long road ahead,
And I don’t know where it takes.
Will I reach my destination?
Or will I go astray?
There’s a long road ahead,
And the journey is scary.
Will I fulfill my pursuit?
Or will I lose myself?
There’s a long road ahead,
And I’m getting tired.
How long can I keep up?
Where does this journey end?

I usually write a post and then search for an image that reflects the emotion I’m trying to portray. However, this one is different. I took one look at this photo by Dave, and the words were flowing. Thanks you so much for this wonderful picture Dave. Loads of love!!

45 thoughts on “A long road ahead

  1. Thanks for the post Wildheart. A long road indeed but I know that the GOD in three persons will walk with me and in the end (not singing that favorite linkn park song) my thoughts would be, what a journey it has been. GOD bless!

  2. I love when this happens. When a photo, a comment, a smell or something else so tangible causes the words to happen all most by themselves. Inspiration can be found anywhere, but learning to listen to your inspiration is still a practiced skill. You have shown that skill here in great beauty.

  3. “The artist’s way”… a winding and uncertain one, but a worthwhile and enriching one. I’m sure many can relate, here. So beautiful, both the image and poem 🙏😊👌💚

    1. Thank you so much Lia. Your appreciation means so much to me! Keep reading and blogging! You have an awesome blog! 💕💕❣️ Also, thank you for dropping by 💝

      1. Thank you so much!! Very glad you found me!! Will enjoy reading you :))) 😚😊✌️🤩💖🤗

      2. 🤗🤗🤗💕💕 Happy blogging!! Also, take care & stay safe!! Sending you loads of love in this trying time! ❣️❣️❣️💕

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