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Corona, corona, corona,
The world is in trauma.

Everyone everywhere
Is now living in fear. 

Don’t come near
Keep distance dear. 

Wash your hands
Use disinfectants.

People dying
And panic buying. 

But just hold on tight
It’ll be alright. 

It’s hard time. But don’t be scared, it’ll be alright. Stay safe. Loads of love to you!
This poem is inspired by Brad Osborne‘s post Whittled Words- Skeltonic Verse.

48 thoughts on “Corona

      1. You are too kind, Ms. WildHeart! So far I have posted about 26 styles or forms. With a post every week, we only have a couple of years left before I run out of forms to try. Hope you will try more in the future. Love you words and your thoughtfulness! 😘❤💋

  1. I’m happy to see more and more positive stuff coming out from bloggers, poets, and writers – in regard to this situation. We all need way more positive input than the negativity if the flood of news

  2. I keep saying that to people and they are still in panic…..

    I don´t panic, I do take some precautions plus I never thought I was going to make it over 25 when in army and deployed so… just my mindset, kind of weird I guess.
    Again, nicely written and good message out of it.

  3. Could you do me a favour & check my post on same as well & advise me feedback in comments as am new blogger & needs your guidance. Also please follow my blog site if you like the post

    1. Thank you so much Akshay for dropping by. I’m really humbled that you thought I’m worthy for advising you on your blogging journey. I’m new in this too, so let’s check out eachother’s works, give constructive criticism and grow together. Sending you loads of love. ❤️❣️🤗😘

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